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Statement from Riccardo Bosi - 9 Feb 2022

The following is my (editorial) view.

I believe Bosi to be correct.

The way that this has played out in Canberra makes it apparent that the convoy and protester leadership has been infiltrated and compromised.

This from a contribution on Telegram:

"From a person in the social group!

The camp was non political. Only one allowed to enter and speak was Bosi.

Jim Greer suddenly has 300 officers surrounding his truck with a warrant, after telling UAP, RDA, and Aussie Cossack to Fuck off and they are not welcome. Greer is arrested and a couple of days later there they all are, they have taken over people's movement, turned it political and divided the camp. Hoody might of been used but he has entered dangerous ground with the company he is now keeping. It was not Hoodie's movement to make any calls without consulting the people"

From a concerted effort by the convoy instigators to expressly keep politicians out of the people's movement, it ended up being the politicians' theatre. UAP's Craig Kelly acted as the go-between to facilitate the convoy's hastily slapped together leadership in gaining an invitation and entry into the criminal rats' nest of Canberra, to present a hastily slapped together one pager of demands. Unsurprisingly, Kelly's mate and aspiring Senate candidate, Simeon Boikov aka the Aussie Cossack (fatsack), was also let in past the gates with the delegation (representing the alternative media contingent no doubt) to "record" the event. A matter of who you know.

So this then begs many questions, with the following just for starters.

How was it decided that Hoody (as nice a bloke as he is) and his mates would assume leadership of "the people's convoy"?

How was it that this leadership group managed to get an invite into Parliament to present their demands?

When decisions are made on the run without adequate thought or consultation, it invariably either falls to pieces, because of the size of the holes, or it's a calculation to expedite an outcome by hurrying it through. So, if the rats in Parliament subsequently, either partially or wholly, accept the demands, it won't come as any surprise then will it.

It will merely confirm that the rats are still in control and nothing will change, whilst the people's leadership group walks away back-slapping each other for their hard earned success. Hoody can then go back home to Michelle and cut the grass, as he has lamented he wants to do.

The line-up of cameo appearances in front of the crowd from the usual suspects of "independent" senators and MPs to give the appearance of being on the peoples' side only served to cement their half arsed fence sitting approach.

Why would any politician want to give up their day job? They're part of the rat's nest and it feeds them very well thank you. Most wouldn't be there unless they were "selected" as candidates in the first place. So they are either in the club or being recompensed nicely for their loyalty.

As any half-witted half-awake hominoid would know, the systems are corrupt!

It's beneath human dignity to negotiate with the criminals who have unleashed genocide on the people. You cannot negotiate with those who have caused the deaths, inflicted horrible injuries and created so much devastation on innocent people.

Compromise is not an option.

Compromise means defeat and demise.

Compromise is an injustice and a blasphemy unto humanity!

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