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Stevia, a very popular sweetener, is a contraceptive

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Stevia, a very popular sweetener, is a contraceptive. I first learned about it through reptilian Paul Ehrlich, high up in the Obama administration and writer of one of the first definitive Amalek sources of “solutions” to the fictitious “problem” of overpopulation. (I bought this book, published in 1970, in hard copy because I wanted to have it to show to people).

“A South American weed, Stevia rebaudiana, has traditionally been used by the Indians in Paraguay as a contraceptive. Each day the women drink a cup of water in which the POWDERED WEED has been boiled.” (p227-28, emphasis added).

In recommending Stevia as a stealth method to curb “overpopulation,” Ehrlich further explains that animal experiments showed a 57-79% reduction in fertility lasting up to 2 months after use.

Stevia is the new “hot” sweetener, at every Starbucks and wherever else. It often goes by the name “Truvia” as well. Ehrlich’s suggestion was taken."

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