Stop the Wolves of the World

The Australia Project

Remember TAP is not aligned to any one political party. They have a huge vision & mission for what they want to achieve to help save this country & it just so happens that others have the same view which is why many groups are joining together down in Canberra to Make Things Happen.

If we want to see victory in this country it is more than just getting rid of vax mandates, mask mandates, ending state of emergency orders & border openings.

Victory looks like this, & many agree

1. Get the Governor General to present himself

2. Do his duty to dissolve the parliament

3. Appoint a new executive council

4. 3 months to clean up the electoral system

5. Hold the first free & fair election

If you agree, then help the movement to make these things happen. Be discerning of who you follow & what their motives are.

Follow the money as they say, some are easily influenced.

There are many wolves in sheep's clothing as the saying's time to get rid of them for good.