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Story of the Commonwealth Bank and Theft of Australian Money System (2001)

by J3r3my-L33 2001, who first wrote a book on this subject in 1975. (sound+video fixed slightly).

2:00 new crowd control beam weapon. (did you think it was new technology used in canberra?). 5:00 soverienty. 12:00 formation and progress of Australia. 15:45 don't borrow, start own bank. 18:00 WWI. 23:00 currently 80-90% foreign owned. 26:00 1924 legislation changed. 26:40 1930 great depresion-what to expect. 29:00 exports and free trade (central bank). 34:00 Carroll Quiqley-Tragedy & Hope-internation bankers-one world government. 36:00 None dare call it conspiracy-Gary Allen. 38:45 GST IMF tax. 43:00 ANZAC spirit-looking after our mates. 46:45 my favourite ANZAC story. The sound of Angels. 49:30 buy Australian Made.

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