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Sustaining the Control Group - We are almost there!

Sustaining the Control Group - We are almost there!

Many people keep asking me: "Dr. Simon, what's the endgame?" I have been thinking about it, and I must admit that I can only speculate. Based on the available indications, I came up with the following hypotheses:

Every well-designed study should consist of a control group to establish a cause-and-effect relationship by isolating the effect of an independent variable. In this case, the independent variable is "receiving a treatment" (i.e. getting vaccinated). All variables apart from the treatment should be kept constant between the two groups and adequately represent the population. Clinical trials, however, hardly included any people from the risk group.

1. Their main objective was to get rid of the control group. They failed as they did not expect this high degree of resistance! The longer we have a high proportion of the global population that remains unjabbed, the easier it is to see the effects on the treatment group, which is the vaccinated part of the population.

2. We saw that global governments did everything they could to prevent the existence of a long-term control group. Potential adverse effects couldn't be attributable to the vaccine anymore. That means that side effects such as cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases such as Alzheimer's, menstrual disorders, and maybe even infertility can be blamed on anything. Currently, these disorders are generally blamed on climate change, the alleged upcoming crisis.

3. The main goal to take a vaccine is to protect oneself, not others. I believe that it is no coincidence that the official narrative shifted towards "protecting others". Without that blatant lie, there'd be no basis to impose an experimental drug on everybody.

4. Although this common cold virus poses no danger to healthy children and young adults, vaccine certificates are used to blackmail whole generations to be part of an experiment without a proper control group.

5. Worldwide, lots of data is being manipulated. In many countries, people who get hospitalised are automatically registered as Covid-positive. Also, the fraudulent Drosten-PCR test most likely results in >80-90% false-positive results, which continues to fuel the artificially generated pandemic.

6. They failed to achieve their goal to get >90% vaccinated; consequently, the difference between the two groups is painfully evident (even though they are still trying to cover up the evidence).

7. Currently, there is increased public focus on the war in Ukraine to detract from the alleged pandemic. CCP-Protagonists such as Drosten, Ding, Wen, and Co. slowly retract from the public perception. Their job has been done. They will now use the momentum to propagate climate lockdowns following a similar principle.

Until then, stay strong and


This is your contribution to scientific integrity and exposing the truth. And let's not forget that the media's claims do not represent the truth but rather empirical evidence based on hard data. But that data requires a control group. And that control group needs you.


Dr. Simon @Goddek

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