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Sydney Stabbing False Flag



Thanks Dale, as soon as I heard about this I knew it was a False Flag MK Ultra attack...sleeper assets being activated to cause mass panic. My question is, do you think Dawn Singleton was really there and killed OR was she herself disassociate due to her father being a MASSIVE paedophile, therefore she herself would more than likely have been MK Ultraed and had her handler make sure she was in a specific place at a specific time and for the perpetrator to be looking for her intentionally?

So many layers to this can’t do it justice in writing. I’ll do a vid in a few days. such perfect timing for Ole Dammegard to come on to Sky to Earth soon. We did call the knife attacks near a year ago. This has signalled the entering of the next stage and likely next seal.

The singleton one got me the most. Especially since Russell Manser has been highlighting Daruk boys home and we know the accusations of singleton and his connections to those that surrounding Daruk. No fear this is further step forward in breaking down perception walls.


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