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Telegram REMOVED this video from our Channel so YOU need to WATCH & SHARE this NOW!

😂 COMEDY LEGEND JIM BREUER - 'Somebody Had to Say It' FULL SHOW - Jim MOCKS the Ridiculous COVID Lockdowns & Nonsensical Narratives 🤣 PLUS TTAC Cancer Survivor Video Testimonies ❤️


JUN 18, 2024

🚨So Telegram is removing content "they" don't want you to see.

We posted a REALLY funny video on Telegram. TWICE. It was the first part of the above Jim Breuer show filmed and released during the ridiculous COVID lockdowns and fear mongering - he really nailed the absurdity of it all.

Now, we cannot find this video we posted TWICE on our Telegram channel. It’s not there. They quietly took it down. Without our knowledge. So we had to repost this brilliantly hysterical video here on TTAC Substack for you. Naturally.

We also posted a video on Substack some time ago of 3 US Presidents: Bush Jr, Barack, and Clinton, pushing the COVID shot here on this Telegram channel. It’s gone, too. So we are pulling it out of our archives so you can watch it here:

We know they removed more content from our Telegram channel. They sit on our channels, waiting to see what we post and occasionally they will report on our posts or add it to the fake reports about us saying how dangerous we are.

Remember, they removed our TTAC Pinterest, TTAC and TTAV YouTubes, TTAC and TTAV Vimeos, TTAV and Personal Instagram Accounts, CancerTruthNews and truthaboutbigc on Twitter and our current Twitter channels are shadowbanned. Here is just one little screen cap of Facebook talking to the Biden Whitehouse about the “Disinformation Dozen” being banned and shadowbanned, because we all had the audacity to tell the truth and save lives during the COVID scam. The screenshot of this email below was released during the Twitter Files. It was a screenshot from the Missouri Vs Biden case:

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