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Thales Digital Passport

"....the citizen's credentials, and the ID wallet can be revoked over the air and in near real-time, making it unusable."

Thales is partially state-owned by the French government. Thales is cooperating massively with Israel’s drone makers.

Unsurprisingly Thales has partnered with Israel's Elbit to manufacture killer drones.

The Australian Government will provide further support to the Government of Ukraine by gifting 20 Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicles, including two ambulance variants, to aid the Government of Ukraine.

September 1996, the Australian government-owned company Australian Defence Industries ({ADI} now THALES), purchased the intellectual property rights from Boral's Perry Engineering with agreement from Timoney Technologies and Stewart & Stevenson.

On 10 March 1999, ADI was awarded the Bushranger contract to produce the Bushmaster to be manufactured at their Bendigo facility.[7][15] In November 1999, ADI was privatised becoming 50% owned by French company Thales and 50% owned by Australian company Transfield. In 2006, ADI was renamed to Thales Australia following Thales buying out Transfield. One Bushmaster is valued at $500,000.

YouTube says any criticism of digital immunity passports is a violation of “community standards” so let’s see how this goes.

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