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The AARP Just Told Its 38 Million Members To Get An 8th (Yes, Eighth!!) Shot Of mRNA

AARP? Or AARPfizer?

The lobbying group for older Americans just told its nearly 38 million members to “hustle” for another Covid jab, even if they have already had five boosters.

See for yourself. The following question-and-answer column ran in the organization’s December “AARP Bulletin”:

AARP is open to anyone 50 or older.

The column does not specify a narrower or higher age range for its recommendation.

Thus it implies that even a 50-year-old who has not already had six “Covid boosters” needs to “catch up” with another immediately.

Keep in mind that someone who has had “five Covid boosters” has actually received seven mRNA jabs - the initial two-shot primary vaccination regimen, followed by five boosters.

Thus AARP is suggesting its members should be taking their eighth jab of mRNA in the last three years.

Yet scientists have essentially no safety data beyond a third shot, much less a fourth or more, and thus no way of knowing if the risks of repeated mRNA dosing rise with each shot.

AARP’s unbelievably bad advice doesn’t end there.

The column then goes on to tell members that “the most recent shot, which was released in September 2023, isn’t actually a booster. It’s a new vaccine that targets the latest variants.”

A what-now? A new vaccine?


Guess it must have gone through the randomized trials that are required in the United States for any new drug or vaccine.


Let’s just call it a new vaccine anyway, since our elderly readers have gotten kinda suspicious of the failure of the Covid shots they’ve already taken.

But the article ends on a happy note: Researchers are even working on a combined COVID-flu vaccine, so a few years from now, a single shot from your doctor or pharmacy may be all you need to protect yourself fully...

If the side effects from the 23 mRNA jabs you’ve taken by then don’t kill you first!

(No, you shouldn’t. REALLY.)


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