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The Albo Clown. Australia's pathetic excuse for a Prime Minister

Blows 500k on one day “cost of living talk fest.”

The creepy clown is slowly destroying Australia.

$790,000,000 AUS $ SENT TO UKRAINE?!?

The clown is a curse upon Australia.

As Aussie families go hungry and farmers go bust, the little piano playing gimp Zelensky is scooping up Aussie dollars and military hardware.


As Alboclown’s approval continues to plummet and people begin to see through the Manchurian candidate,

He is now promising tax cuts to appease the masses Aussies who are “doing it tough.”

How about we first stop sending endless millions to the Ukraine and Zelensky?

How about we stop giving endless billions to big pharmaceutical companies for their deadly potions?

How about we stop big supermarkets screwing our farmers and gouging the people at the checkout???

How about we start there?


the most inept and dangerous fool to ever hold office in Australian history.

An insufferable and embarrassing fool.


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