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The Ballistics Report Is In: Pfizer Lot# FL8095 Murdered 2 and Injured 1262 Children.

Sasha Latypova Mar 31

Update: I know the 2 death reports for children maybe a duplicated report. However, they have different VAERS IDs, and it is not my job to clean up VAERS. It is CDC’s job for which they get our money, and then proceed to deny the deaths and injuries documented in the database.

Kevin McKernan has reported extensively on the results of sequencing analyses from Pfizer and Moderna vials.

This report was focused on 8 vials of Pfizer lot # FL8095. Kevin’s conclusion - all vials are contaminated with high amounts of DNA that is not supposed to be there.


8/8 monovalent vaccines sourced from a single case from a single lot of Pfizer monovalent vaccines all fail the EMA specification of 3030:1 RNA:DNA (330ng/mg DNA/RNA). They are over the limit by an order of magnitude (18-70 fold). The DNA contamination is very consistent and the vial to vial ratio of RNA:DNA is very consistent within the same lot of monovalent vaccines.

DNA is a process-related impurity which comes from growing DNA in plasmids in ecoli bacteria as the first step of manufacturing. The DNA then gets converted into modified RNA via in-vitro transcription. Sort of. A bunch of it does not get removed completely and ends up all the way through in the final product. Since large amounts of DNA end up in the final product in vials, it is highly likely that many other contaminants are there, including ecoli, endotoxins, and any other extraneous materials and chemicals used along the way.

I wanted to check the lot number FL8095 for shipment information and reports of adverse reactions. First this lot is one of Pfizer’s recent “mega-lots” (i.e. batches so large that it is impossible that they are made as a single production run). It appears that Pfizer is now running numerous production runs over a long period of time and combines them into one lot. Perhaps multiple drug substances are combined in one drug product, or numerous production runs are labeled with one batch number. Hard to tell what is going on but “mega-batches” are being produced since late 2021, and they range in size from 4 million to 12+ million doses! This is of course against the definition of a pharmaceutical lot (i.e. single production run), and makes it impossible to trace any manufacturing quality issues based on adverse events reported for the lot. This is done precisely so that the safety issues could not be traced to their origin.

Per FOIAed shipment data, lot FL8095 was produced and shipped over the period between December 2021 and April 2022, i.e. over 6 months! There are 2 expiration dates for this lot, one in February and one in May of 2022. It is clearly not a single production run. In total 5.5 million doses labeled with this lot number were shipped to all US states.

This lot was targeted at children. Simply looking at the names of the medical practices that received the doses of poison, approximately 20% of the doses from this lot went to “pediatrics”, “baby and child”, of “children’s” health providers (approx 1.1 million doses). Of course children could also have been injected at a pharmacy or regular family practice.

I used Medalerts app to look up adverse event reports, as it is more user-friendly than the CDC site. Here is the result. 1334 adverse events reported, of which 95% (1264) are in children!

Two reports are for children who were apparently murdered with these injections:

Case 1 - a 10 year old boy who died from cardiac arrest, 3 days after his 1st dose of injection, from lot FL8095.

Case 2 - another 10 year old boy who died of anaphylaxis and also what appears to be cardiovascular causes within 2 days of injection from the same lot.

Will the parents or guardians of the deceased please step forward? We have the murder weapon and the smoking gun evidence of what killed your children. We also know who murdered your children, and the chain of command of that criminal organization all the way up through HHS and DOD and to the National Security Council reporting to the President of the United States.

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