The Big Tech And Media Mogul Meeting Nobody Is Talking About

The Sun Valley Conference is an annual meeting of major media moguls and tech titans who gather each year to coordinate the convergence of traditional media outlets and social media in order to maintain their monopoly of control on the flow of information to the masses.

Every July since 1983, a small group of elite media executives, investors, political figures, and tech gurus meet for a week in the small town of Sun Valley, Idaho.

They develop investment deals, make media acquisitions, and agree on new censorship tactics, gatekeeping strategies, and Orwellian terms of service for the major social media platforms.

Attendees usually include Facebook, Twitter, and Google executives along with Bill Gates and the top names in the tech and media ruling class.

The Sun Valley conference is also the place where new media companies are bought up by major media orgs. New social media platforms and independent news sites could quickly become threats to their information monopolies.

Dice details some of the deals and schemes that have been made there and why everyone should pay attention to this conference. WATCH: