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The biggest part of the 15 minute cities that you all are missing is the Carbon Credit

What is the Carbon Credit?

This is where they're telling you that they want to monitor, track and trace every so called kilogram of CO2 that you emit. They say that global average needs to be 2 tons per person, per year, while you are using 16 tons per year which means that your activity needs to go down by 800%

So how do they plan to do that?

Well first of all they have created these new black master cards that are going to have carbon allowance for every single purchase that you buy, and to make sure that everything has a so called "Carbon Credit" when you buy food or anything else, it's now going to show you this nice little chart of how much kilogram of CO2 has been used in making of that product.

Now for those that eat meat, it's going to be off the charts, so meat is a big no-no, but bugs are fine and completely safe until you consume them.

When you buy stuff even at your local restaurant, it's going to be a requirement to show the amount of CO2 that was used in the production. Literally every single thing that you buy is going to be a tracked.

They want to put limits on how much you can spend monthly, so we need to go down from 16 tons a year, per person, to 2 tons per year.

Niko, Niko, what exactly does 2 tons per year look like?

For example, let's check this on Google flights, if you wanted to fly from Florida to Paris, that flight is using 431 kg CO2. That's almost 25% percent of your YEARLY allowance, but don't worry if you happen to go over your limit, they will charge you $170 for every excess kilogram of carbon credit that you have used over the limit.

Now imagine all that in a world without cash where government gets to control every single transaction.

This is why they are constructing 15 minute cities. They want you to be in perpetual lockdown pretty much for the rest of your life.



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