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The Birth of Bloodless - The Englewood Experience

The entire Blood and Blood Bank concept, industry and medical/surgical care is under a cloud and raises more questions than answers.

Like so many other things, have we also been duped into this?


From Dr SuzanneH

Blood transfusion has been in the news recently regarding vaxxed blood.

This one hour video is very interesting. The issue of blood transfusion, which has always been an organ transplant, is discussed by a few doctors with actual ethics. They have no trouble investigating a dangerous procedure with a critical eye AND when the research showed the damage that unnecessary transfusions were causing, they were able to admit it. They admit that transfusion was a ritual done with no consideration of alternatives or possible harm—no different to the old ritual of bloodletting IMO. Then a group with some financial and lobbying power came along (Jehovah Witnesses) and contributed to the effort of creating an alternative. Bloodless surgery puts blood banks out of a job. That’s a small thing compared to a vaccine free concept which would put the whole pharma industry on welfare. Some of the light bulbs that went on in these doctors heads made me laugh out loud.

“After we realized the bloodless method was better for JWs we then wonders if it would benefit other groups”. LOLOL.

Also note how they admit that they browbeat people into taking blood despite the known negative effects. Sound familiar?

There’s more. “We realized we were doing something unconventional by going bloodless so we had to be extra careful” LOL. Yeah by doing something right and good, you idiots thought you had to be careful and you never notice all the other dangerous and experimental stuff you do every day.

HIV was a reason to regret giving blood in the past. Do you know that there are protein sequences in vaccinated blood that are identical to HIVgp120, rabies, and botulinum, and snake venom?

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