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Sure we do have global warming and climate change BUT IS IT A THREAT TO HUMANITY?

NO - It is not- it NATURAL as you WILL LEARN HERE.

The globalists like BILL GATES and his buddies are using the CLIMATE AGENDA to instill fear into society which leads to getting society into SMART SUSTAINABLE CITIES which are designed to remove your freedoms.

Learn about the smart cities they have been trialing in China since 2018. Have a look at this link below to get a taste for what is to come if you do not wake up QUICKLY.

>> Look at China's Smart Cities in action back in 2018 below (there is no footage of these cities available since 2018 as China does not like it be reported on - this video will eventually be removed I have seen worse ones that are no longer available that show investigators going into the concentration camps where they put people who have not complied with their social credit system (#hello green passports) >>

Does it remind you of anything? (Green passports, social distancing for the use of the facial recognition technology, digital currency, all total control of citizens #covid?) I should not need to connect the dots for you as it blatantly obvious. Surely you understand the connections...

"You will OWN nothing and be HAPPY" Quote from Klaus Schwab head of the World Economic Forum. (Look up this globalist website it is a giant marketing campaign to suck you in)

You will be SHOCKED at these globalists map of taking over humanity entirely by 2030 (They call it Agenda 2030) all under the guise of Climate Change and desperation of saving humanity (A total lie that society is gobbling up due to their lack of common sense and their trust in the media and the marketing campaigns that have been created for these agendas)

Yes they are blatantly telling you they will remove all of your assets. And you will allow them as they will coerce you. You will be given a Universal Income. And from that you will rent your possessions. Your home and land will be removed and you will have no choice than to live in their smart cities. If you do anything they are not happy with you will be restricted. To the extent you are house bound.

There are so many rules, so many snitchers and there will be no positive future for our children in this society. There will be no future generation as they will sterilise everyone through the injections.

They use their paid off scientists to give false information, It is very believable for anyone who isn't an expert themselves.

They want a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. A GLOBAL RESET called the great rest.

The problem is so many people are awake to their plan. They use your weak point to suck you in with their so called care for humanity, animals and the planet. A focus on manipulating BUZZ keywords like: Smart, Green, Build Back Better, Equitable, Sustainable World and Urgent Action Needed. It is all a psychological manipulation.

You will own nothing and be happy see the WEF website here:

Also see their sick marketing campaigns, they seems so caring and all about humanity and Earth being their priority.

The WEF is a giant scam. >>

So are you going to wake up before it is too late and see through the globalists agenda?

I hope so for humanity's sake.

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Anyone stating any of this even 2 years ago would be classified as a "Conspiracy Theorist." But today its well known and spoke about in the mainstream and 99.9% of citizens do not have the ability to connect the dots and understand where this is all heading (fast).

The adults of today with their lack of common sense and their obsession with comforts are going to be the cause of suffering for the future generations. Freedoms can not be given back after they have been taken. It will be the end of humanity DUE TO THE DOCILE ADULTS OF TODAY blindly believing the lies fed to them by the media. Herding the sheep to the slaughter house couldn't be easier.

Learn more about the globalists running the show here:

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