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The Corporate Media is the Enemy of the People: Here's Ten Stories They Never Told You This Month

#10 Fauci now admits the COVID vaccines cause myocarditis.

#9 Ivermectin is even safer than you think.

#8 RFK Jr. identifies "the real shooter" behind his father's death.

#7 German study exposes the dangers of masks and CO2 re-breathing.

#6 Teachers are being decimated by aggressive metastatic cancers after vaccine mandates.

#5 Unvaccinated children are healthier, according to studies they don't want you to see.

#4 Recent wave of forest fires is not due to climate change but something much more sinister.

#3 Excess mortality just got even worse — but don't look at the vaccine.

#2 First-ever published spike detox protocol details how you can get better after the COVID shots.

#1 Viral RFK Jr. video gets censored by "X" after exposing what Pfizer doesn't want you to know.


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