The country (not Sweden) the Doomers ignore

Doomers really are determined to pretend Japan doesn't exist.

When they thought Japan would suffer badly after refusing to lock down, they couldn't talk about Japan enough.

When Japan did fine, they temporarily lost interest.

That is, until they thought they could use the example of Japan on behalf of mask wearing.

Japan did well because they wore masks, became the conventional wisdom.

Well, here's the problem there: right now Japan is having a bigger outbreak of cases than at any time during the pandemic, despite the mask wearing.

So the Doomers have gone back to pretending Japan doesn't exist.

But Japan had neither a national lockdown nor mass testing. Its results have been fine (and will continue to be fine despite the current surge in "cases").

Therefore, it no longer exists in the Doomer consciousness.

Meanwhile, the Philippines had one of the toughest lockdowns of any country in the world, and were threatened with on-the-spot execution for violations. A recent survey, moreover, found them to be the most consistent mask wearers in the world.


Another spike.

Government response:

Another lockdown of a poor country.

The vast majority of people there, as anywhere, are at trivial to zero risk from COVID. Therefore, let's lock down and impoverish absolutely everyone.

So apparently the plan is simply to keep locking countries down. For all our vaunted "science," this wreckage of whole societies is the best these geniuses can come up with.

Meanwhile, if you take the data from the Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker index and plot it against health outcomes -- in other words, if you look to see if there's any apparent connection between severity of lockdowns and success against the virus -- you find no connection at all. The distribution is entirely random.

As future ages look back on the 21st century, our "public health" establishment will be a laughingstock: dressed in white coats and holding clipboards, but prescribing leeches and rain dances and human sacrifice and calling it "science."

But is that all there is to it? Hmm...I think not!

Any dot connectors out there?