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The Crimean bridge has been attacked.

If Russia discovers Ukrainian or NATO involvement/responsibility they might actually DECLARE WAR.

We live in historical times...

🇷🇺 Officially from KZD:

At 06:05, the equipment showed false employment on the railway tracks on the railway part of the transport crossing through the Kerch Strait. A fire broke out in a fuel tank at the tail of a freight train. The locomotive with part of the cars was brought to the Kerch station. Emergency work is underway. The causes of the incident are being established.

Prediction: Russia will deploy strategic heavy aviation against Kiev in the next 48 hours in response to today's terrorist attack on the Russian Crimean bridge.

Intel: Putin is meeting with Russian top brass on this topic. 🇷🇺Awaiting a decision.


Unconfirmed sources indicate a Kamikaze "bomb" truck was deployed by Ukraine in a terrorist attack against the Russian Crimean bridge.

Intel: Putin has ordered the bridge to be brought back online and is considering a range of military options against Kiev...

🇷🇺Awaiting a decision.

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