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The Darker Side Of The British Monarchy

An exceptional documentary by Russel Burton that exposes Jimmy Savile's involvement with institutional pedophile rings.

In recent years, in the light of the exposed cover-up of television personality, Jimmy Savile’s pedophiliac ways, and the dark secrets of Westminster finally being revealed, the shocking truth of the elite and its involvement in a child abuse network that stretches far beyond the United Kingdom has broken free from the underground ‘kooky’ conspiracy websites and made into the public eye.

But for decades people have warned of this shocking reality and their testimonies and concerns have been dismissed or even ridiculed. Such claims have been hidden by the government-controlled mainstream media, but it is coming more and more well-known that there is a worldwide network of high-ranking individuals such as religious leaders, MPs, judges, doctors, and many more involved.

Jimmy Savile was at the center of this pedophile ring that procured children for well-known figures in the British establishment including former Prime Minister, paedophile, and murderer Edward Heath.

The police and mainstream media are trying to muddy the waters by focusing only on the low-level non-entity pedos like Gary Glitter who we already know about. The media doesn't seem to want to go after the wider network that includes major politicians and "lords" who are clearly in it up to their necks. At least we can rely on alternative media to expose some of the big names who are involved in the child trafficking industry.

The Jimmy Savile thing will continue to haunt the BBC for the rest of their days. Over the next few months, I'm sure that the BBC will find that a significant number of people are refusing to renew their TV licenses. A big reduction in profits will certainly make them sit up and take notice.

The Darker Side Of The British Monarchy.

An Investigative Poem By Heathcote Williams, Narration And Video By Alan Cox, A Series Of Short Films Each Detailing The Criminal Record Of The British Monarchy

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