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The Death that dares not speak its name

The Press is keeping silent about the spike in suicides on a scale not experienced since the darkest days of World War II. Throughout the Western world, ordinary people driven to despair are taking their own lives to escape the menace of increasing totalitarianism.

As the Workers Reich was overwhelmed by the combined armies of the three empires; American, British and Soviet, hundreds of thousands of German women and girls swallowed cyanide pills to escape the terrors being inflicted on their sisters, mothers and daughters by the Allied rapists.

Is it part of governments’ democide intent to reduce populations adding suicide to abortion, race mixing, genocide jabs allegedly to curb a virus with a 99.6% survival rate, the promotion of barren homosexuality?

To keep the suicide figures hidden, the government would certainly need the collaboration of mainstream media that in the past has openly discussed such sensitive statistics. That was in the past; the death that can’t be discussed. The Press barons are known to be dependent on generous donations made by Big Pharma and government advertising on Covid-related issues.

The only collator of suicide information in Britain is The Samaritans which is a charitable, not a government foundation.

A correspondent writes: ‘searched for this image today because it so clearly depicts what is burning in my heart. There are so many people who currently feel like they are, emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally, figuratively, standing on the edge of a bridge. Everywhere you look, people are going through hard things.

And tonight, I just want to implore you: If you see someone on the edge of the bridge, GRAB THEM. Use both hands. Grab an arm. A hand. A leg. Anything you can reach.

Do it through a meal, or a phone call, or a letter, or a Facebook message, or a love offering, or a smile, or a hug. It doesn’t matter how you do it. Let Holy Spirit lead. But please reach out and grab them so they know that someone somewhere cares enough to hold on.

Grab them because you are the hands and arms of Jesus on this earth, and there is nothing He wants more than to wrap people up and hold them close right now. Grab them. Hold on with all your heart. Remind them that hope is on the way. ‘He will carry the lambs in his arms, holding them close to his heart.’ — Isaiah 40:11 NLT.

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