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The front page of today’s’The Weekend Australian’

The front page of today’s ’The Weekend Australian’

Well would you look at that.

You can rest easy, all you "conspiracy theorists, whackjobs, nutters & tin-foil-hatters".

For 3+ years, the truths you've been telling have been shoved in the corner . . . You've been ridiculed, ostracised & de-friended.

Notice that feeling of relief inside when you read this front page news by the paid lying mainstream media (who were ALL MORE THAN consciously complicit in this cover-up) - that's right - you were not crazy, you never were - & while you don't need lying liar, paid propagandist 'LameStream' to verify what you already knew . . . you can show this to your friends and family.

The next step will be showing them death & injury details that have been kept from them.

Please go easy on them. This will be an horrendous shock for many, many people . . . remember how you felt so horrifically betrayed & conned when you first found out!?

They're going to feel that & will be in need of support.

Cheers to all the free thinking legends out there!!!!

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