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The Great Reset of Food | What’s Really At Stake

While you might have heard plenty about the planned Great Reset. Which is planned by the likes of the World economic Forum, Klaus Schwab and the other non elected leaders. But what you may not realize is that one of the most important resources is under attack right now, and it has massive implications.

Henry Kissinger warned us 50 years ago of the 3 attack vectors we should be watching closely. When he said, "Control the food, control the people. Control the energy, control the continents. Control the money, control the world". Understanding this is the first step to protecting yourself, and your family during these next several years as the world changes.

In this video I will break down,

- How the attack on the food supply is here now

- What's going on

- What the real motivations behind this are

- Who the players involved are

- What the implications of this are, for our own health, and the future of the country, and the world

This is a little off from my normal topics on Finance, but…

The reason I discuss finance, is so you can have more options, and more freedom in your life. For you, your family, and your legacy.

And while this might not be my normal subject to discuss. It fits into the knowledge, and the plan you need to have more success in your life, and you need to plan for this.

So let's go!

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