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The great unwashed continue to get brainwashed, unaware of what's really behind it.

IDF reservist and Rebel News reporter Avi Yemini unleashes his pro-Israel 200 man Haka in Brisbane today...

Believe it or not but presumably, these are New Zealand Maori's living in Brisbane who have somehow succumbed to mass formation psychosis.

A group of pro-Palestinian children perform the Haka in Sydney today in response to Avi Yemini's pro-Israeli Haka stunt in Brisbane.

The battle of the Hakas begins...

Meanwhile brainwashed Ukrainians are marching with Nazi 3rd Reich style insignia

Listen, People!

The Cabal's game plan is to confuse, obfuscate, distract and polarise you into conflict with each other and to create war.

And whilst you're misguided and distracted, and busy venting your spleens against each other, all pumped up and feeling good about yourselves, they are quietly and methodically implementing the processes and structures to take away any vestage of freedoms you might still think you have, your wealth and your assets.

At the end of the day, you are likely to have nothing and you won't be happy.

But by then, it will all be too late.


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