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The hospital story.

Hananya Neftali was allegedly appointed the official Digital Spokesperson for Israel recently by Netanyahu himself. Some sources will say he has been working closely with Netanyahu for 3 years.

Whether recently appointed or having been appointed for 3 years, his story on the “facts” has changed a few times.

His initial X post which was later deleted and replaced by a new story claimed that Israel bombed the hospital, and stated that “multiple terrorists are dead.”

He then posted that he believed it was a failed rocket and potentially Hamas in order to “gain international support.”

He then posted an apology, saying he was basing his initial information on a Reuters report.

Again, whether recently appointed or having worked closely for Netanyahu for 3 years, I’m unsure as to why he would be basing his information on Reuters, and not directly from Netanyahu or the IDF which is he working closely with.

Also, from what I can find, Reuters made no reference to any terrorists being killed, so if his initial post was based on a Reuters report as he says, it is questionable that this was his source.

Now we move to the rest of the hospital story, which MSM have been flip flopping on since yesterday. Some say Israel, some say Islamic Jihad, some say Hamas.

There is much footage being shared of the bombings which suggested they were JDAM, others suggesting it was a misfire, etc.

All MSM outlets reported at least 500 dead, per Palestinian Health Authorities.

The only damage that we have evidence for now that it is daylight that I am aware of, is in the parking lot of the hospital.

Unless 500 patients were being treated in the parking lot, there are questions to be raised about this entire situation.

Now let me address this Hamas video, reportedly released on their official channel a few days ago.

Before I start on this video, where did Hamas conduct their training to intercept such advanced military and infiltrate with such precision, as we are told?

Surely someone would have known they were conducting said training? Perhaps those who warned Israel before the attack?

Now, the video. Think about how Hamas are painted in the media. I’m not saying they’re not evil… I’m saying how they are portrayed as low-level savages.

What are these blokes doing in the middle of a war taking the time to paint their rockets and conducting exercises on tanks like this? How has no one spotted them conducting these exercises? Why aren’t they using the typical soundtrack terrorists do? Why are they even making high-production videos??? Who is filming and editing this???

Who is still funding Hamas?

Finally, my observations are that some people are doing their best to piece it together in an age of immense propaganda and weaponised social media. Some exist to misdirect and cause chaos intentionally. It is nearly impossible to know for sure at this time. Everyone is scrambling for truth, and no one has yet arrived at it.

I think we have all underestimated the additional mix of AI generated footage, recycled footage, false reports, true reports released at certain times, etc. This particular war has brought us an additional level of psyop tactics that we have not seen before.

I also don’t blame people for becoming emotional. Innocent lives are being lost. Propaganda is rife with information that is being weaponised to further inflame emotion. Critical thinking is weakened when emotions are involved.

If I have learnt anything over the past week, it’s the reinforcement that we need to continue to question everything.

If you have been tricked into picking a “side”, I don’t blame you, but would challenge you to challenge yourself and ask yourself why, and what beliefs, bias, or information is causing this reaction.

Any honest person would do this right now, and always.

Apart from the innocent lives lost, I am most saddened by the hatred people have allowed in their hearts, and their inability to see beyond their outrage.

Surely we can do better.

Much love to you all, and I hope this small analysis has helped in some way.

God bless,


@ Zeemedia


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