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The Israel-Hamas War Is Already Pushing The Great Reset Agenda

A few days ago we published an article discussing how the Great Reset agenda is still moving forward behind the scenes, while the headlines are full of Israel-Palestine.

But it’s also true that, in its thirteen days of existence, the war itself has already pushed that agenda forward as well.


Normalising the suppression of dissent and creating a culture of fear around free expression are a major part of the Great Reset, after all the other steps are so much easier if you outlaw inconvenient protests.

And, naturally, calls for the suppression of freedom of expression have sprouted up everywhere since the war started. We covered this in our article “Israel-Hamas “war” – another excuse to shut down free speech”

Since that article was published this campaign has gained momentum.

European Union Commissioner Thierry Breton sent warning letters out to every major social media platform, claiming they needed to “combat disinformation” regarding Israel and threatening them with fines.

In yet another blow to the “China is on our side” narrative, Chinese video-sharing service TikTok has eagerly agreed to “combat disinformation”.

Students from Harvard and Berkeley have been threatened with “blacklisting” for voicing support for Palestine.

German and French police are breaking up pro-Palestine demonstrations, while – in both the UK and US – there are calls to arrest people for waving Palestinian flags, or deport those who “support Hamas”.

Creating a culture of fear, making people afraid to express themselves or their political opinions, is just one of the many things that Covid, Ukraine, Climate Change and now Israel have in common.

Facial Recognition Software

It’s always curious when a supposedly “left field” story breaks and ties in neatly with an issue already in the news.

The rise of facial recognition software – a threat to everyone’s right to privacy – is one such.

Before the “surprise attack”, Israel’s use of facial recognition technology was called “Automated apartheid” by Amnesty International. In the US, states have been opposing the use of FRT for a long time, with some introducing bills to ban it outright.

Now, however, Israel has allegedly been using facial recognition tech to identify dead and wounded. The Jerusalem Post calls it a “tool to help Israel recover from Hamas’ war”.

And in a highly curious coincidence –

three days before the alleged “surprise attack” , Sweden’s government was reported to be “forced” to increase its usage due to “gang violence”.

In the UK this timed up neatly with the government’s plans to upload every passport photo on their database to a facial recognition program [we covered that here].

The plans sparked muted protest, mostly because nobody really heard about it. Then, on Saturday, during the pro-Palestine march in London, Metropolitan police enforced section 60AA powers, requiring attendees not to cover their faces, to facilitate live FRT. (There goes Sweden by the way, another of the “good guy” countries.)

Nobody has said a word against it. Suddenly what was “Orwellian” back in April is now – thanks to the latest war – totally fine.

The fact the same people demanding no one cover their faces now were screaming “wear a mask!” for the last three years is the most poetic of ironies.

And, just as ironic but a lot more tragic, the same people who opposed the use of this technology during lockdown protests, will cheer it on for “terrorist sympathizers”, which brings us neatly to point three…

Dividing the Alt-Media

The independent media was the biggest reason the “pandemic” narrative fell short of its grandiose aims. The narrative lost it’s momentum in the face of a pushback from solidified resistance from right across the political spectrum – spanning the anarchist left to the libertarian right.

A major arm of the globalist strategy since then has been undermining that solidarity and the reach of alt-media outlets, attacking their funding, limiting their reach and – most obviously – sewing discord with divisive distractions.

It was no accident that the Russian invasion of Ukraine broke Covid resistance right down the middle, splintering it along old-fashioned fault lines.

The Israel-Hamas “war” has already broken those two sides into two more. Collective action and independent thought have been banished to the shadow realm in favour of tribalism. People have been manipulated into abandoning an anti-globalist stance, choosing to staunchly defend the “good globalists” from the bad ones.

It hasn’t just broken the alliance of anti-lockdown/anti-vaccine dissenters but has also broken their principles and discredited their opinions.

Many – mostly on the conservative right – have forgotten that Israel was right at the forefront of the Covid lie, forgotten they were first to vaccinate and the first to use “green passes”, and have leapt to their defence (or, more accurately, jumped at the chance to push an anti-Islam agenda).

They now push for collective punishment and – as mentioned above – cheer on the quashing of free speech for “terrorist sympathizers”.

Consider Douglas Murray, for example, who is considered to be a “free speech absolutist”, but in the wake of the “surprise attack” is writing columns with headlines like this

Why do we allow protests that glorify slaughter?

Whether these people were ever genuine in the protestation of freedom or not, their credibility on that front is now broken forever.

I think this tweet says it best:

“The multipolar world”

The flipside of the factionalism which continues to fracture the Covid sceptic movement is the concomitant promotion of the so-called “multipolar world”.

The fact that the ruling force of the world is a globalist elite which calls no state home was made brutally clear by the fake “pandemic”. A major objective of that globalist elite has since been to obliterate that fact from our collective mind.

A false narrative is being sold that the crumbling US Empire is “globalism” and that a rough axis of opposition exists in the form of Russia, China, Iran et al.

This narrative has been sold by both mainstream and alternate media since the start of Russia’s “special military operation”.

It is a simplistic binary good guy/bad guy narrative designed to push 2 years of full-scale global cooperation between these supposed “enemies” out of people’s minds.

Already the Hamas-Israel conflict is doing its part to further this deceptive narrative. It creates the impression of a world divided along well-worn (but increasingly meaningless) lines.

The pandemic made it clear the elites of the world are all following the same script.

War is designed to make us forget that fact.

And if it means a few thousand people have to die in the process – so what? The West and East were both happy to kill their own people with lockdowns and toxic jabs – so why not with missiles?

They are selling worn out Cold War memes to persuade you they are not your enemy – it’s those people “over there” – the Moslems, the Jews, the Russians…

…you can fill in as required.

North Korea has been blamed for supplying weapons to Hamas.

Iran is reported to have funded – even planned – the attack.

Even Russia, who traditionally strongly oppose any-and-all Islamic “terrorists”, are showing signs of compromising their usual “neutrality” on Palestine. They are sending aid shipments to Gaza, and mooting ceasefire resolutions to the UN Security Council (which the US instantly vetoed obviously).

For their trouble, Israeli MPs are threatening Russia with war live on RT.

In his address to the nation yesterday Joe Biden quite deliberately equated Putin’s Russia with Hamas. Ukrainian President Vlodomyr Zelensky did the same almost as soon as the “surprise attack” took place.

The global battle lines for a supposed “world war 3” are being drawn up.

All of this feeds the illusion that huge seismic ideological differences separate these nation states, when in reality they share the vast majority of New Normal goals.

Remember that both Israel and Hamas sacrificed their people on the altar of Pfizer. Any claims to care about civilian life now – from either side – must be met with the most absolute skepticism.


As you can see, Hamas’ “surprise attack” has put fresh momentum behind some of the NN goals that have been on the establishment’s to do list for a while. And that’s just so far, there are others that have not materialized yet but easily could.

There’s talk of a refugee crisis – increasing illegal immigration and stirring up more of that desired divisive rhetoric, whilst providing western governments with a blame-sponge for the financial destitution they have deliberately created.

Oil prices are already rising, any moment they could roll out the next “energy crisis”.

Maybe it will be Gulf nations embargoing Israel, or Western nations sanctioning whoever, but they are laying the groundwork. The Wall Street Journal warns of “echoes of 1973”, the US has sold off half of its reserves and might not be “ready for a crisis”.

Two stories from just this morning warn of a “potential crisis”.

If (when?) it comes it can (and almost certainly will) be immediately parlayed into serving the “climate change” agenda. We will told there is a silver lining because we’re “increasing our reliance on renewable energy”.

It’s an immense tangle of lies, but they all lead in the same direction.

There is already a lot of discussion, in alt-media circles, of the nature of Hamas. To what extent were they created by Israel, or at least allowed to happen? And how much does this extend to the “surprise attack” itself?

Some were calling it an “inside job” from the moment the news broke, and it does bear the usual hallmarks of your traditional “false flag” attack. Inexplicable “intelligence failures”, ignored warnings and delayed responses. Maybe it was a case of “let it happen on purpose” (LIHOP), or maybe they made it happen (MIHOP).

Who knows how far the elite go in stage managing the reality they need to push their plans on the world.

Whatever the truth of this situation, there’s no denying it’s already hard at work pushing a very familiar agenda.


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