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The Mind Is Programmable!

Human Resources - Social Engineering In The 20th Century

This Documentary Examines The Role That Science And Technology Play In The Exploitation And Control Of Human Beings. The Desire By A Small Group Of The Ruling Elite To Control Others Epitomizes Their Psychopathy As Well As The Pathology Inherent In Technocratic, Sociological Philosophies. Topics Include Behaviorism - Scientific Management - Workplace Democracy - Schooling - Frustration/Aggression Hypothesis - Eugenics - Human Experimentation.

The Documentary Includes Original Interviews With Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Rebecca Lemov (World As Laboratory), Christopher Simpson (The Science Of Coercion), George Ritzer (The McDonaldization Of Society), Morris Berman (The Reenchantment Of The World), John Taylor Gatto (Dumbing Us Down), Alfie Kohn (What Does It Mean To Be Well-Educated?) And Others.


“A Viscerally Overpowering Film And At The Same Time A Thoughtful Meditation On The Human Condition.” – Walter A. Davis, Professor Emeritus, Ohio State University

“Brilliant…Riveting…The Amount Of Material The Filmmaker Covers And Unifies Is Astounding… Human Resources Diagnoses The 20th Century.” – Stephen Soldz, Professor, Boston Graduate School Of Psychoanalysis; President, Psychologists For Social Responsibility

“Powerful…Must See…It Will Leave You Spellbound.” – Andrew Goliszek, Author, In The Name Of Science: A History Of Secret Programs, Medical Research, And Human Experimentation

“An Important Work…Terrifying In Its Implications…. Human Resources Is A Must See For Those Of Us Who Still Take Democracy Seriously.” – Bruce E. Levine, Author Commonsense Rebellion: Taking Back Your Life From Drugs, Shrinks, Corporations, And A World Gone Crazy

“It Scared The Shit Out Of Me…A Powerful And Methodical Dissection Of The Dominant Culture.” – Derrick Jensen, Author, Endgame

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