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The Miracle of Chlorine Dioxide

"Andreas Kalcker is a biophysicist who I spoke with a couple weeks ago to discuss his discoveries of the presence of graphene inside the cv jab juice. He shared with me that he and a team of German researchers validated that there is indeed graphene in all three jabs, AND also that his CDS protocol proved effective to REVERSE the magnetism in the arms of the jabbed. Since our talk he is now being persecuted in the media as 'peddling bleach' to 'cure covid'.

First off BLEACH is "SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE" and it is a completely different chemical compound than Chlorine Dioxide or CLO2 solution. It is a GAS, which is why when it is left in an open container on the counter, it simply degrades into salt and water. Leave a cup of bleach out and what happens? It remains...BLEACH. CD is also not CHLORINE...which is known to have some harmful chemical residue in the human body. UNLIKE CD/CDS. Chlorine dioxide has been approved by the FDA ONLY for water purification treatment, which is why you can buy it for this purpose. It is a superior water treatment product bc it's by products - as i stated earlier - are. 100% benign.

In Bolivia, CD was approved as a medical treatment, which is where Dr Kalcker was able to use the treatment intravenously, helping patients with a myriad of 'uncurable' auto immune issues...he has had major successes. Kalcker told me the Minister of Health in Boliva last year was VERY excited about helping him to get on with his research, particularly in it's applications toward covid symptoms. Unfortunately, that MP has now been 'excused' and the new MP (Andreas told me) "will not return his texts or emails".

Another angel in human form Kerry Rivera has helped THOUSANDS of mothers to REVERSE the symptoms of Autism in their children...100% CURED, something doctors say is 'impossible'. Her book (how to reverse the symptoms known as autism) has been banned on amazon, and now she and Kalcker BOTH are being threatened with jail time for a completely fabricated charge that has zero validity / proof. These people are couragous and living examples of putting your own life aside to help others.

Chlorine Dioxide is not a pharma product, it's a simple chemical compound that can be made for PENNIES. MIT bio physicist Stephanie Seneff also proved that CD is able to detox heavy metals, which is why I think they are really after this substance. It literally brings oxygen to the cells, anihilates infections and removes the very metals that the globalists have been pumping into us at every turn.

When you GOOGLE Chlorine will be BOMBARDED WITH FALSE information and SCARE TACTICS to keep you from ever looking deeper into this substance. If you get scared and don't like the headlines, do not take it and move on...I am not suggesting you take ANYTHING. But if you are curious about WHY this persecution is happening, and WHAT this stuff can actually do, look BEYOND the headlines of the mainstream, (as well as the trolls and bots leaving AWFUL lies about the contents of these books and testimonies) which should, by now be proven obvious liars and peddlers for the NWO.

Another man who tried to get it into the hands of the common people created a church (Genesis 2 church)...thinking that the 'sacraments' of a church would be protected under the constitution. (like how a child can have a sip of wine during communion, and not be persecuted) Well that amazing and huge hearted man Mark Grenon along with his two sons, are now in prison in S America. THIS IS WHAT TRUE SUPRESSION LOOKS LIKE.

I will provide a few links to get you started into researching CD and CDS, but this is NOT health advice, I'm required by law to tell you to seek the advice of your "Rockefeller" certified doctor to see what is right for you. RIIIGHT."

DIY with Chlorine Dioxide
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