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The new Prime Minister of France, Gabriel Attal is a WEF Global Young Leader and a Bilderberger.

On the 9th of January, 2024, Gabriel Attal, who is often viewed as a protégé of President Emmanuel Macron, made a historic stride at 34 years old, as the youngest prime minister of France under the Fifth Republic. Attal has earned himself the moniker “Baby Macron” due to his youth and centrist political ideology which he shares with Macron. That is not all he shares with Macron as they are both alumni of Klaus Schwabs Global Young Leaders.

Attal was an early supporter of Macron’s En Marche movement in 2016, and following his departure from the Socialist Party and already holds an impressive political portfolio for one so young and in just a few years. he has been a member of parliament in 2017 and a government spokesperson in 2020.

More recently, in August 2023, he was an education minister where he was said to have gained public favour through his “adept handling of the “Covid pandemic and staunch defence of secularism and authority within schools.”

Unelected but Appointed by Macron

Unelected, as seems to be the norm these days, Attal was selected, appointed by Macron, to take over from predecessor Élisabeth Borne after she resigned following recent political turmoil over an immigration law that critics said made too many concessions to the far right, according to France24,

Attal was in prime position as Macron wanted to show a government overhaul just in time for the Olympic Games in Paris and European parliament elections this summer, where Macron’s centrist forces risk defeat at the hands of the far-right under Marine Le Pen.”

Diversity and Inclusivity

France 24 has written that “Notably, Attal is the first openly gay man to hold the office of Prime Minister, a significant milestone in French politics. His personal life includes a civil partnership with his partner, Stéphane Séjourné, who is an active member of the European Parliament for Macron’s Renaissance party.” (Who cares?)

“Apart from his political achievements, Attal is well-regarded for his communication prowess and media presence. His following on social media platforms is robust, and he often utilises these platforms to engage with the public through video content and messages. He is a regular on various TV and radio shows, known for his calm and persuasive demeanour, yet capable of intense combativeness when faced with far-right opposition.” Source

The chronicle focuses on Attal’s personal experiences, including the bullying he faced in school due to his sexuality and the loss of his father to cancer at 18, which he has been open about, and says that “Gabriel Attal’s roots trace back to a rich tapestry of multiculturalism.”

As a result of his multicultural heritage, (his father, David Attal, a Jewish dentist, migrated from Morocco to France in the 1960s. His mother, Valérie Benaim, a celebrated journalist and TV host, hails from Tunisia and Algeria, and the fact that he has two older sisters, the publcation says is a “testament to diversity and inclusivity.”

Cher Gabriel, Le Mini Macron, is also a WEF Graduate.

(Just me or does he put you in mind of Damian Thorne?)

So, his background according to the JC “shapes his view of France as a nation of diversity and inclusivity. Source. Blah, blah, blah, yes, he ticks all the relevant “woke” boxes.

But, what was arguably, more important for the suitability of the role, was not revealed by France 24.

According to the  World Economic Forum (WEF) website, Attal is one of “the notable and former members of Young Global Leaders”, the WEF’s political training program.

So, Attal, like his president, is a “Young Global Leader.” The Spectator writes, ”As its website boasts, Young Global Leaders is “aligned with the World Economic Forum’s mission,” whose objective is to “accelerate the impact of a diverse community of responsible leaders across borders and sectors to shape a more inclusive and sustainable future.”

“The initiative was set up by Klaus Schwab in the 1990s and alumni include Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, former prime ministers of New Zealand and Finland’s Jacinda Ardern and Sanna Marin, and former Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz. Media old boys include Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.”

The Spectator has observed, that Schwab is proud of his initiative and has shown this in an interview at Harvard in 2017 where he explained how “we penetrate the cabinets” of prime ministers and presidents who are also Young Global Leaders.

Schwab was particularly pleased with his work in Canada, where he claimed half of Justin Trudeau’s cabinet were “Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum.”

“What we are very proud of now [is] that we penetrate the cabinets. [More than half of the Canadian cabinet ministers] are actually Young Global Leaders of the World Economic Forum… It’s true in Argentina, and it’s true in France now, with the president [being] a Young Global Leader.”

However, this may have been an exaggeration: according to the Spectator, “five were, and although Schwab lay claim to nurturing Trudeau himself, it isn’t clear whether he was actually a “Young Leader.” Nevertheless, Trudeau’s biography on the WEF site praises his “respect for and promotion of freedom and diversity and a more democratic government that truly represents Canadians.”

Schwab also namechecked France as having a Young Global Leader in Emmanuel Macron. He went through the programme in 2016, the same year he launched his presidential campaign. “Like Ardern, Varadkar and Trudeau, he is a committed globalist and progressive incapable of governing in any other way. Attal is just a chip off the old block.

They might make Klaus Schwab proud, but they don’t inspire much affection among their own people, says the Spectator.

Attal The Bildergerger.

Not only has he been prepped for office by Schwab, but Attal has also been reported to be a “key member” of the Bilderberg group.

The Jewish Chronicle which champions itself as being the world’s oldest Jewish Newspaper wrote, “Attal, who is also openly gay, currently serves as education minister. Born to a Tunisian Jewish father and Orthodox Christian mother, he studied at a prestigious law school in Paris and Le Science Po University.”

Attal, according to the Chronicle was one of the first people to back Macron when he decided to run for president and was elected as an MP and, at 29, he became the youngest minister under the Fifth Republic and Conservative former minister and MP Philippe de Villiers posted on X/Twitter: “The nomination of Gabriel Attal to replace Pap Ndiaye is the catastrophe of the summer. We’re moving from woke to LGBT.”

However, the news report quietly slipped in the fact that “Attal is an activist and a key member of the Bilderberg group” and he is in favour of re-education.” as if they were merely saying he was a member of the women’s institute!

Private Bilderberg Meetings

Bilderberg is a paramasonic and globalist club whose existence has long been denied by the media, which accused those who denounced its secret meetings of conspiracy. Source

le Media explains that “the Bilderberg Group, also called the Bilderberg Conference or Bilderberg Club, is an annual and informal gathering of approximately one hundred and thirty people, mainly Americans and Europeans, composed mainly of personalities from diplomacy, business, politics and media.

From May 18 to 21, 2023, the meetings of the paramasonic and globalist Bilderberg club were held in Lisbon. Among the 129 participants, ten French representatives took part in this private annual meeting and one of them happened to be Gabriel Attal.

These ten French representatives took part in discussions on subjects such as artificial intelligence, the banking system, China, the energy transition, Europe, fiscal challenges, India, industrial and commercial policy, NATO, Russia, transnational threats, Ukraine, and American hegemony.

According to David Icke, the Bilderberg group are a global elite which were able to push human society into the direction of global tyranny that would have made George Orwell Wince”

With or without Gabriel Attal in the role of France’s Prime Minister, it appears that the One World Government has appointed representatives into positions of power.

Therefore we can no longer say that we in the West live in democracies. Our weak lily-livered government ministers have allowed this Coup d’etat and the Schwab-taught global leaders have indeed “penetrated” our governments by design.

Attal has taken up his position in the One World Government just as Sunak, Macron, Arden, and Trudeau, have done before him and they each have a role to play, but work in lockstep as they have been instructed.

As David Icke said about the Bilderberg group, the WEF government will also “push human society into the direction of global tyranny that would have made George Orwell Wince”


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