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The REAL reason why the world is so sick. ✨👁✨

- The water supply is contaminated.

- The fresh food supply is full of poison.

- The rest of the "food" is processed and refined (not real food).

- Chemicals made up the flavors in our food.

- We don't chew our food.

- We are nutrient deficient.

- We overconsume.

- The air is full of pollution.

- We are scared of the sun and wear sunscreen.

- We don't exercise enough.

- We sit in front of technology all day.

- We consume too much alcohol and caffeine.

- We are disconnected from our natural human instincts and our natural environment.

- We discount the knowledge of our ancestors.

- We are stressed because we live in a slave system, trying to earn money to support a ponzi scheme.

- Our medicine is based on chemical warfare and petrochemicals.

- We lather our bodies and brush our teeth with chemicals.

- We are disconnected from the earth (by wearing rubber soled shoes all day).

- We aren't grateful and we don't practice mindfulness.

- We have unresolved emotional trauma.

- We are in a constant state of fight or flight.

- We breathe too quickly and shallowly.

- We are exposed to electro-magnetic radiation.

- Our minds are infected by TV, radio and Hollywood.

It's easier to blame a GERM, rather than addressing the elephant in the room. If your government really cared about you and your health, they would have done everything they could to address all of these things mentioned above. But they have done nothing.

A weak, sick and demoralized population is easy to control. They also accept that a VIRUS is the cause of all their health problems. A healthy, strong, wise population cannot be controlled and that is a threat to the system.

You are a sovereign being. Take your power back! 💪🏽

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