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The Real Story of Anaemia - Iron & Copper

Copper is an essential trace mineral necessary for survival. It's found in all body tissues and plays a role in making red blood cells and maintaining nerve cells and the immune system. But it's also a heavy metal and in excess, in the wrong form, is toxic to the body.

But there is so much more to the story, and it gets complicated!

Copper maintains mineral balance, thus a balanced pH with normal blood viscosity, by functioning as the primary antioxidant in the body. When the blood is of normal viscosity with optimal blood flow, the blood is able to rid the body of toxic metals, chemicals, and any overload of other minerals, thereby retaining and balancing out the nutrient minerals.

It has been documented that a, decrease in antioxidant protection caused by copper deficiency goes beyond a decrease in the activity of copper-dependent enzymes by inducing a wide range of disturbances in the other enzyme systems. This is because sufficient copper levels are extremely important in the formation and/or activity of numerous other enzymes.

So, it is stated that copper may be the single most important nutrient in the body. This is why copper is the target for deprivation and depletion.

Copper deficiency causes "variant" malformed, missing, damaged DNA/proteins, and is responsible for virtually EVERY "disease" and symptom manifesting now, accelerating aging and death. These things happen gradually over time, so we do not suspect we are slowly being poisoned.

ALL the food now contains copper antagonists, blood thinners, alkaline chemicals, and copper binders, so that any copper that may have been present is negated. They have been depriving and depleting us of this most important nutrient, which must be acquired through the diet.

There are thousands of these ingredients in everything we consume, and put on our skin. EVERY item has a combination of copper depleting poisons. Even supplements are loaded with these poisons.

Some of the GM food crops have been modified by changing an acidic protein to an alkaline protein by inserting additional alkaline amino acids into the sequence, thereby negating any copper that was contained in the crop. Other protein foods have been modified by adding additional sulphur amino acids into the amino acid sequences.

Sulphur binds with copper and pulls it out of the body, thereby depleting copper status.

This is the purpose of GM foods, to deprive and deplete us of the mineral copper, and to do further genetic DNA damage to the body structures, tissues, and blood. The "Mad Cow" disease that is widespread is from copper deficiency.

This is another way they deprive and deplete us of copper. They claim the populace gets plenty of "copper rich" foods, but when examining the list, these foods are known to be very rich in sulphur.

Copper has been added to animal feed for a long time because of the understanding of the importance of copper.

Ancient civilizations used copper vessels to store water as copper has antimicrobial properties and much more.

And, vaccines are loaded with toxins that deplete copper from the body, specifically targeting the liver, where the greatest percentage of the body’s copper is stored.

Recent research has connected “hidden” dots linking fluoride with Alzheimer’s (AD). But it may not only be fluoride directly, but fluoride’s effects on your copper pipes.

Copper in your body exists as either organic copper, or metallic copper. The former is copper properly protein shielded from causing damage. Metallic or free copper ions, like free iron, can wreak havoc. Let me connect some dots for you:

Free copper binds to all proteins involved in AD. This includes critical proteins, that left alone, would usher out the accumulated toxic beta amyloid sludge that eventually kills neurons.

Copper inactivates the removal processes! AD patients carry higher free copper levels. Japan is an AD anomaly in the developed world. It has quite a low incidence. Interestingly, Japan neither fluoridates its water, nor are copper pipes widespread. Japan uses stainless steel. Undeveloped countries don’t use copper pipes (too expensive) and also have far lower rates of AD.

Free copper is significantly elevated in blood of AD patients compared to age matched controls. Higher copper levels also correlated with less cognitive function, and greater rate of future cognitive decline.

Fluoridated water eats away metallic copper from its pipes, exposing lead in fittings. Fluorsilicic acid caused lead levels to spike. Fluoride’s addition creates ammonium fluosilicate, an established solvent for metallic copper alloys.

Fluoridation may contribute to calcification (destruction) of the pineal gland in humans at an early age. The pineal makes critical melatonin (a protective and sleep associated hormone). The National Research Council is concerned about fluoride’s effect on melatonin production.

Melatonin protects against fluoride toxicity, so we may have a vicious cycle of fluoride eliminating our protection, exacerbating its toxicity. The aged calcified pineal gland has about the same amount of fluoride as do teeth – not good.

Copper piping has slowly been replaced with CPVC, PVC and PEX since the 70s. Copper is still used, but very rarely. Interestingly, fluoridation came to the fore around the same period.

Copper's role in agriculture is also interesting.

Electroculture, practiced widely in Germany and France in the 19th and early 20th centuries, showed enormous potential in using copper to harness bioelectrical energy to increase crop yields. The subsequent curious disappearance of this agricultural practice and replacement with chemical fertilizers, mainly nitrogen, has led to the severe depletion of trace minerals, including copper. It has also taken away crop yield control from small farmers and concentrated it into the hands of multinational corporations. As we can see today, without adequate supplies of nitrogen fertilizers, crop yields around the world are plummeting.

Now, a bit about Copper, Iron and Anaemia.

The medical establishment is either totally ignorant, complicit or both, in relation to understanding and treating ANAEMIA.

About 90% of copper in the blood is bound to ceruloplasmin, with the rest bound to albumin and amino acids. Ceruloplasmin oxidizes (removes an electron from) iron absorbed from the gut and stored in the tissues so that it can be transported by transferrin (the iron transport protein) and eventually used to form new red blood cells. Less copper means less ceruloplasmin, which means iron can’t get shuttled where it needs to go to make haemoglobin.

This is why low copper can lead to iron deficiency anaemia. Starting to make sense?

One of the most common errors doctors will make is to prescribe iron pills when serum ferritin is low. More than likely, what’s needed is copper, retinol and other factors to support iron recycling. Unfortunately, articles and textbooks on iron metabolism rarely if ever mention the copper side, even though copper plays a far more important role in the recycling of iron.

To fully understand iron metabolism, you also need to understand the roles of hepcidin and hemosiderin.

Estrogen and testosterone have significant influence over hepcidin. It's reacting to copper status. Elevated levels of active vitamin D can suppress hepcidin. Retinol deficiency can increase hepcidin. The key is understanding that this constant recycling system of the red blood cells, the iron doorway, is being opened by a copper doorman. And if copper isn't doing its job, we're going to have a problem. And what is hepcidin's job? Hepcidin shuts down the iron doorway. So, we have this significant dynamic between this very important iron egress that needs bioavailable copper, and if bioavailable copper's not there, this hepcidin protein is going to shut it down. That's where a lot of the confusion is because the true anaemia that exists on the planet isn't one of iron deficiency. It's one of copper deficiency not allowing for proper iron recycling.

But there's more. Treating anaemia with shit loads of iron supplementation can not only be useless, but dangerous, because excess iron can cause disfunction in many organs.

Copper also plays an interesting role in energy production. Your mitochondria produce melatonin in response to natural sunlight, and melatonin in turn catalyses and upregulates glutathione, which is important for energy production, antioxidant protection against free radical damage and more.

Furthermore, a copper-dependent enzyme is required to convert serotonin into melatonin. Copper is also instrumental in regulating immune function. All of these functions are yet more reasons to make sure your copper level is optimal.

But there's also so much more, which I can't do justice in this post.

Think Copper - blue when oxidised; Iron - red haem. Think Blue Bloods.

In the world there are about 7,000 people whose blood has a hue. They are called cyanotic people. The iron in their blood is replaced by copper, but without changing the functions, the blue-purple colour comes from copper and iron mixture.

....and as a final prompt...think Reptilian!

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