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The Real War of Worlds is Happening Now!


by Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

The trouble is that the White Hats under Trump could have come forward with more truth at any time during the devolution of our government and won the people over by revealing the real enemy.

So is this the plan to let our country go to war? With what part of our military? And to continue to allow the burning down of food distribution warehouses leading to food riots in the streets? I don’t think anyone is gonna thank Trump (just like with covid) for staying silent amidst all this destruction if he is actually Commander in Chief….yes I know the White Hats have war-gamed all this out with their AI (and do so multiple times daily I hear) but why let things get to this level of destruction?

So far it’s like a ship headed straight for an iceberg and you claim to have the wheel…but like the Titanic (or the real ship they used) at the last minute you are supposed to turn the wheel but what happens is the ship hits it and sinks anyway… I wonder when that point is? I imagine you must be gaining more by letting the destruction happen than by stopping it… so what is the gain? Maybe you are flushing out what’s left of our military somehow…. Are you trying to flush what’s left of our military out of the DUMBS… on the off chance they would come out to “save our country” …Because I would imagine that is the hardest part of this war you have to fight… is with our own secret space program and the military who are running it. And who are giving orders to that portion of the military? A consortium of dark actors and dark magicians one imagines.

Mike Adams on infowars

Mike Adams was on Infowars last night talking about Pearl Harbor and how the US and Churchill plotted to get the Japanese to attack the US so the people would back them and support the U.S. getting involved militarily in WWII. I presume America is again attacking herself in order this time to get the people to go to war against the Cabal within our own country. This sounds like a real recipe for civil war.

We know that the mid-terms where the Republicans are supposed to dominate and win back the house can’t go forward under the present guarantee that the election would be stolen just like in 2020… So what do we have? Trump coming forward to announce our government in exile (as the Republic) once the Biden government and military traitors that support it have been proven hopeless and shown for the traitors to America they are. But the one thing I hate about this scenario is the similarity to how they say Hitler came to power in Germany. When the people were desperate for a change and the economy was taken down. Maybe it’s just the way it’s always been when the people have had enough…then that paves the way for something new to finally emerge out of the dust and destruction.

And I assume this is why you call it a “near death” experience because Trump and the white hats believe it’s the only option but I wonder… I have had dreams of the success of the White Hats. So I know for a time it will appear we have won sometime in the future. But what happens after that may not be what you promised the people.


And meanwhile during this time when America gladly sabotages herself and as we send weapons and money in aid to Ukraine (draining our already weak infrastructure). China could easily use this opportunity to move on Taiwan and then turn on us….

According to my dreams of the future at some point China does invade our country. Now I prefer to believe that set of dreams is wrong however the moves being made now appear to set the scene for just such an invasion.

One thing is clear that although it started in Ukraine this will ultimately be a war with Iran and China. Russia and the U.S. will be on the same side. It’s a war for who is going to be in charge of the ‘new world order’ or more accurately the one world government. And it is worth telling people that this part is inevitable. We were told long ago in Camelot as far back as 2007 that this war for who will rule the Earth was coming. Their plan…the NWO …new world government plan was always to take down the U.S. because our country was the only one standing in their way. So a steady decline of the U.S. and then destruction of the U.S. as a country was always part of their plan. We are at the endgame on that road now.


The main reason for all of this is that in order for our world to come into its role with respect to other worlds, other beings and cultures we, our planet does need a one world organization to negotiate relations with other planets. Up to now, countries have been divided and since we have not had disclosure on Earth, alien or off planet races (as well as inner Earth civilizations) have been able to play country against country. China is run by one or two groups of alien races according to my sources while in the U.S. even branches of our military are aligned with different ET races against each other!

Behind the back of the world’s citizens our secret agencies and secret government has been negotiating with various races and a portion of the United Nations has been negotiating on behalf of member countries that in the end basically do business behind their back.

One can see where all this is going. It’s not a matter of if but a matter of simply when and how long. There are billions of “earth-like planets” out there even conventional scientists have to admit. Not to mention other planets and planetoids not conducive to humans but perfectly outfitted for different kinds of life. Not to mention the basic precept that as Captain Mark Richards says, any space faring nation develops AI in order to venture out in space over time.

Right now according to Captain Mark Richards and other sources we have at least 4 Alien AI invading Earth along with hundreds of races both humanoid and non-human visiting and in some cases doing genetic engineering with our peoples under cover of secrecy and war. War is a great cover for human slave ships to pick up large numbers of displace peoples. The reptilians have been doing this for centuries. That includes thousands of children and others disappearing every year.

The white hats are concentrating on targeting Earth based pedo rings and networks including masses of humans in prison in the DUMBS and tunnels being used as food and sex slaves and for genetic experimentation by those races.. This includes Dulce and underground bases in countries around the world.

Ultimately we will need a united front as ONE WORLD in order to repel invasion forces and marauding groups from off world coming in through portals around our planet. This is happening NOW and something must be done about it.

Any illusion of a win to take back control of the United States by Trump forces will ultimately wear thin unless it results in a one world government run on the basis of agreed upon humane principles and backed by a united military holding human rights at the forefront.

We cannot have a totalitarian run Earth in a rule with an iron fist subjugating humanity while negotiating with alien races and allowing continued pillaging and genetic manipulation of our species to go on against our will. The people must rule our representative leaders as we go into this brave new world. What people must realize is that this is not some futuristic dream but that we are already in this galactic marketplace and the visitors and plunderers of Earth have been challenging human sovereignty over Earth for eons under the cover of secrecy and greed. This cannot and will not continue.

What even the White Hats must recognize is that we cannot stand and survive unless united as humanity or we will be divided and conquered by off-world invaders. Pedophilia is only the tip of the spear coming from not only our own kind with high levels of reptilian dna but even more dominated by off worlders who are intent on infiltration, hidden influence and ultimately domination of our kind.

This war of worlds has been conducted under cover of secrecy by governments pledged against their people in every country and loyal only to the might of dominating super powers such as U.S. and China. Both with the express intention of hiding the truth of the off-world invaders and more benign visitors from Humanity at large. And under that secrecy… while governments are being infiltrated and taken over under cover of secrecy by invading alien races the people are been dumbed down and massively inoculated with an ALIEN AI virus or more specifically bioweapon and likely soon to be series of bioweapons being used to change the very nature of our DNA and who we are and will be…in their image.

Stay naive at your peril. Not even the white hats want this dialog to take place when in fact it is already happening all around us. Our fellow humans are no longer human but many are in the process of a change so profound that future generations (if they survive) will be unrecognizable to us. There is a reason why the sudden focus on biolabs is so important. The genetic takeover of humanity is a worldwide plot already in motion. And yes that involves eliminating large numbers of surplus humans to achieve their aim of world domination and takeover.

This war cannot only be fought on one superficial nationalistic level. When we are already in the midst of an off world invasion changing the landscape of planet Earth in collusion with various governments and corporations. These bad actors are working against humanity here on Earth and making plans to work with off planet cultures against their own people.

While we are busy fighting among ourselves we are being taken over not just from Chinese communists who have thoroughly infiltrated the Democratic party but by the alien races influencing them. These invading races are hiding in the wings waiting for the right moment to emerge. This day is coming. We need to wake up all of humanity and stop the secrecy on ALL LEVELS.

Once again I call out Trump and the white hats (or government in exile) or more specifically government of the restored republic to speak honestly to the people and reveal the real truth of what is happening. While you conduct your war against aliens and the NWO communists and pedophiles behind a wall of secrecy conducting trials in secret, executing people in secret, invading the DUMBS in secret and conducting a war within our military in secret. The patriots naively believe there is an end in sight once Trump comes forward but this is not the truth.

Humans cannot continue divided and warring against each other while being invaded by aliens and AI. Or Earth will fail as a sovereign entity and humanity will continue to be plundered and redesigned into an unrecognizable genetically enhanced cyborg race under control of an off planet AI.

—Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot

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