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The rebels fighting tyranny need our support; how do we do that?

As our regular readers will know there was a recent attempt on our editor’s life. Why would The System do this? Because our editor belongs to a special group of people – the rebels – who are actively standing against the agenda and the ring leaders of The System don’t like it.

So, what can we do to help and how can we fight a tyrannical movement trying to take over our society or mislead people into traps?

One key thing to do is to understand how people relate to such movements and organise our messaging and activity in a way that targets them for where they are.

In a recent podcast, New Discourses founder Dr. James Lindsay discussed five primary groups of people with regard to tyrannical movements and how to target messaging and activity toward each of them. He suggests we all work out which group we fall into and offers suggestions of how we can help and support the rebels, one of the five primary groups actively standing up to The System. Lindsay uses examples that apply to the woke agenda as this is his speciality but what he says is equally applicable to any part or the whole of the agenda we currently face.

Dr. Lindsay is an American-born author, mathematician, and self-confessed professional troublemaker. He has written six books spanning a range of subjects including religion, the philosophy of science and postmodern theory. He is a leading expert on Critical Race Theory, which leads him to reject it completely.

In the video below Dr. Lindsay explained that the first group is the “ring leaders.” People in this group are often narcissists, sociopaths or psychopaths. Ring leaders devise, direct and drive the agenda of a tyrannical movement. They also organise the movement and create a false or pseudo-reality as well as a narrative to support the false reality. They point out who the “enemies” are; “enemies” being those people who are “fighting” The System. To get strivers, the second group, to fulfil their agenda, ring leaders construct the incentive structure, which includes both carrots and sticks – rewards that strivers can earn or punishments when strivers fall out of line.

Strivers are people who lack scruples and they’re corrupt. They follow the ring leaders because they’re looking to maximise their utility for self-gain. They profit off the ring leaders’ agenda. But what strivers need to realise is that when they have served their purposes, they’ll be the first to be discarded. If the strivers realised this, they would be striving to save their own necks rather than follow the ring leaders.

The third group, the “normies,” are the people that the ring leaders work to convince that the agenda they’re pushing is the right thing to do. Normies are low information, low-engagement participants who are not paying attention to what’s happening around them. They accept things without really understanding why things are happening and because they don’t like rocking the boat, they don’t try to understand. So, the ring leaders’ misinformation or psychological campaigns are targeted at the normies to give the ring leaders the consensus that an agenda needs.

The first three categories – ring leaders, strivers, and normies – are making or enabling an agenda to go ahead. Whereas the following two groups of people are slowing down or stopping an agenda.

The fourth group are the “doubters.” People in this group doubt the agenda and may even doubt the ring leaders and suspect the strivers. But doubters lack the courage to speak out or act. Doubters are what is referred to as “the silent majority.” If they would stop being silent, we would have a majority against an agenda. Ring leaders control doubters through fear, they try to scare doubters so they don’t voice their doubts. Ring leaders normally do this by picking a doubter and absolutely crushing them through cancel culture, for example, or by making examples of the final group – the rebels.

The goal of the ring leaders is to crush the rebels because rebels actively stand up and speak out against an agenda or The System. Rebels are a small but special group of people who are at serious risk of relentless attack and scapegoating. The rebels need to be supported.

So how do we support the rebels and fight back? Lindsay explained in more detail in the video below but in short, we need doubters to be infused with courage so they speak out, normies to be infused with information so they become engaged and we need to ensure strivers know that things will not end well for them unless they join with the majority.

New Discourses: How to Fight a Tyrannical Movement, 18 May 2023 (30 mins)
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