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The Search For Truth In History

Rewriting History

Irving started out as an establishment historian writing for the Macmillan publishing house, that was up until he wrote and researched the official biography of Winston Churchill… Life was about to change dramatically for the historian as he was banned from entering Canada and jailed in Germany.

David Irving speaks to a small group circa the late '90s about the harassment, imprisonment, and censorship he and others have been subjected to for reporting proven FACTS regarding the events of WWII, Auschwitz, and other topics related to Zionism.

In this hour-long presentation, the brilliant revisionist historian and writer, David Irving talks of how smear campaigns are used by the media to stifle the revealing of historical truth. Most people have a lazy rose-tinted attitude toward the media, and they assume that the media is essentially truthful, honest, neutral, and pioneering. In reality, the great majority of the media is owned by powerful sectional interests and promotes their own agenda. Certain groups are completely willing to lie, be dishonest, act in a partisan manner, and only pioneer if it serves their own interests.


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