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The Tartarian Empire (Full Theory Explained)

Dive deep into the fascinating theory of the Tartarian Empire with our comprehensive exploration!

This video unravels the mysteries of the Tartarian Empire, including the mudflood phenomenon, starforts, world's fairs, historical US city fires, incubator babies, airships, and the enigmatic orphan trains.

Join us on this intriguing journey through history, conspiracy, and theory!


0:00 - Introduction: Unveiling the Tartarian Mystery

2:35 - The Orphan Operation: A Forgotten History

6:05 - The World's Fair Cover-Up: What They Didn't Tell You

9:13 - Tartaria Uncovered: The Lost Empire's History

13:28 - The Great Fires: America's Burning Mystery

16:30 - Starforts & Mudfloods: Unraveling the Secrets

19:56 - Outtro: Final Thoughts & Reflections

21:30 - Bonus: /r/Tartaria Archive Deep Dive

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