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The Trials Of Henry Kissinger

A film about the war crimes of the American diplomat, (((Henry Kissinger))).

Blocked in 6 countries by Google, this 2002 film directed by (((Eugene Jarecki))) and narrated by Brian Cox was inspired by (((Christopher Hitchens)))' 2001 book, 'The Trial of (((Henry Kissinger))).' The film focuses on (((Henry Kissinger))), (who died at the age of 100) and his role in America's secret bombing of Cambodia in 1969, the approval of Indonesia's genocidal assault on East Timor in 1975, the assassination of a Chilean general in 1970, and his involvement in the 1969 Paris peace talks concerning the Vietnam Conflict.

In Hitchens' own words, "Kissinger symbolizes the pornography of power. In 1968, he was negotiating a Vietnam peace treaty in Paris for President Johnson. He did a deal with the Republicans to sabotage the peace negotiations to help secure Richard Nixon's election to the president. In return, the world's self-styled 'greatest peacemaker' would be promoted under the new administration.

Kissinger's venality extended the war by four years and cost the lives of millions of Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians - not to mention many thousands of US servicemen. Indictments should also include deliberate mass killings of civilian populations in Indochina, collusion in mass murder and assassination in Bangladesh, the personal planning of the murder of General Schneider in Chile, involvement in a plan to murder Archbishop Makarios in Cyprus and the incitement and enabling of genocide in East Timor."


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