The Truckers have started our deliverance from the Globalists

These days we can communicate by video with anyone on the planet instantly for free.

We can access and read all the knowledge of mankind from every library on the globe (which has gone online) instantly in colour on our computer screens.

We have the capability to travel to any city on the earth within 24 hours.

We can translate instantly from almost every language under the sun into our own tongue thanks to Google translate and their competitors.

We have the technology to record transmit and receive a direct news feed from every newsworthy event on the planet in real time.

We can buy and sell products to and from every nation on earth and have them delivered to our door by air within days and by land or sea within weeks.

We can see almost every product offered for sale worldwide just by visiting a handful of websites on the internet.

But what does this all mean?

It means the entire world has become one village.

But what does that mean?

It means the race is on to become the Mayor of that village, the Burgermeister of the whole world.

But the candidates for this position will not be culinary competitors to Burger King. They will be political competitors to democracy and ultimately to God himself. They will have to overthrow national democracy by stealth to achieve their goal and they will certainly overthrow religion in their lust to be worshipped as Gods by mankind, whom they seek to own outright.

The reason we should destroy all nuclear weapons now is that there will always be some idiot who is power crazy enough to use one.

The reason we must keep nation states and resist globalism is that there will always be too many applicants for the position of Herr Weltmeister, or for Madame le Maire du Monde.

And these applicants will be the most cold hearted egotistical; megalomanic, dynoholic, deceptive, slimy, psychopaths in the history of politics..

So who are they? How should we fight them? And what will be their next move?

Well, World War One resulted in the formation of the League of Nations. Mankind’s first attempt at a global government (actually his second if you include Nimrod and the tower of Babel).

Whilst World War Two resulted in the formation of the United Nations. Mankind’s second and slightly more successful attempt at a global government. It managed to take over most of global healthcare for example.

So WW3 would be the time honoured route to this goal. Now the two strongest barriers preventing the 3rd incarnation of a global government, are the nationalism of Russia and the nationalism of mainstream USA and to a lesser extent the nationalism of the UK etc.

So what is needed here is to get Russia into a war with the US (which will also involve the UK) and take them both out by that means. Of course such a war might kill hundreds of millions of people given the present generation of weapons of mass destruction. But that is not an issue to the candidates in this race as we have already seen during the pandemic.

Indeed the pandemic and the government responses thereto have been the heats before the final race for the Mayor of Worldopolis.

So how do they persuade the Russians and the Americans to go to war with each other? Because without that war they cannot achieve their goal. The Covid-19 route was ruined by Omicron. Even Bill Gates recently acknowledged that

“Sadly, the virus itself – particularly the variant called Omicron – is a type of vaccine. That is, it creates both B-cell and T-cell immunity, and it’s done a better job of getting out to the world population than we have with vaccines”

Not only that but the vaccines do not work against Omicron according to the CEO of Pfizer Albert Bourla who in an interview with Yahoo Finance he said that 2 doses of the vaccine have “very limited protection, if any” against the Omicron variant. That sent all the fact chuckers into total denial mode!

So here is the plan. Make the US military look so weak that it cannot even win a fight against the woke left. Make it look so impotent that it cannot defend even itself even against a vaccine mandate. Make it look so incompetent, so yellow bellied, so easily frightened and disoriented in Afghanistan, that it leaves thousands of its own citizens behind to be butchered by the Taliban after having evacuated its crack troops who forgot to take 89 billion dollars with of military hardware with them. Make it look like the door to the Ukraine is wide open and the restoration of the past imperial glory of Mother Russia is within her grasp. Entice Uncle Vladimir to enter into the quagmire of war.

He has a military that is superior to the rest of Europe. He has hypersonic weapons that can sink any battleship, including the two multibillion pound leaking missile targets that the UK navy just purchased. Surely victory for Russia is inevitable right? Wrong. No military general should ever ignore Ecclesiastes 9:11 which says

11 The swift do not have the race, nor the mighty ones the battle…time and unforeseen occurrence befall them all. (Ecclesiastes 9)

Here is what will happen (the writer would suggest from his understanding or misunderstanding of the Russian bear of Daniel7). Putin will not be able to resist invading Ukraine, because he is a chess player, and his opponent has already beaten himself. He has left his top military gear behind in Afghanistan to be analysed by the Kremlin for vulnerabilities and for capabilities.

He has replaced battle hardened generals with anti American sexual activists. He has removed all traces of toxic masculinity from the US military and replaced them with platoon after platoon of personnel trained not to offend anybody. I don’t know about you but I find it quite offensive to have a loaded gun pointed at me. And I find it even more offensive to be shot at. So quite how the US military will attack an opposing force without offending them, I cannot imagine.

So there will never be a better or a bigger or a more certain opportunity for Russia to take Ukraine and any other parts of Europe it feels like conquering – right? Wrong. It is a trap. It s TOO EASY. The destruction of the US military capability has been TOO FAST. It is not real. It is a faint by the globalists. Here is what will happen Vlad…

You will take the bait. You will invade. Things will start to go nuclear. Then Jesus will overturn the tables of the vote counters in the temple of US Democracy just as surely as he overturned the tables of the money counters in the table of temple of Zerubbabel rebuilt by Herod.

Trump will be rightfully re-installed as President, having won the election by a considerable margin over basement Biden. And you will end up in a nuclear war with Trump which absolutely nobody will win. Nobody at all, that is, except for the globalists and their agents, the Chinese, who will act as subcontractors for absolutely anybody who will pay them. They do not care whether they are paid for manufacturing, for virology or for global politics. And they rather like the idea of Russia and America taking each other out. For then who will be the only remaining military superpower – glasshopper?

Sure you will expand mother Russia. But which would you prefer. To rule over a gazillion square miles of fertile land and 150 million healthy people who can stand you? Or to rule over 1½ gazzillion squares miles of infertile land and 300 million unhealthy and dying people who cannot stand you?

It will be a victory that makes Pyrrhus look like Montgomery. And here is why.


The offensive weapons are just too powerful to make it a worthwhile proposition. All wars from now onwards are a form of international suicide. There will be no winners .There will be big losers and bigger losers. No winners amongst those nations taking part that is. But the globalists are not national governments. They do not take part directly. They manipulate. They deceive. They entice. Wars are generally caused by pride, ambition and greed, characteristics which national politicians are not short of. The globalists know how to use those desires to divide us, nation against nation, race against race, vaccine status against vaccine status, left against right, man against woman against ?, heterosexual against non heterosexual .They did it in WW1. They did it in WW2. The will do it in WW3.

These globalists do not represent the people of any nation. They do not even represent the people of this world. They represent themselves and only themselves.

That is what the Canadian Truckers have shown us. God bless them. They stood their ground and forced Justin Trudeau to show us whom he represents. Here is what the truckers achieved

1. 6 out of the 13 Canadian provinces were liberated from vaccine mandates due to their selfless sacrifice.

2. CNN were exposed as Globalist propaganda pedlars labelling a peaceful protest for basic human rights as an nationwide insurrection driven by madness, a threat to democracy, a sedition. Just as the democrats did with the largely peaceful FBI facilitated vote fraud sit in protest on January6.

3. CNN even claimed that the Russians could be behind the Truckers – having learned nothing from their false accusations in that regard against Trump.

4. Gofundme when asked by the police to withhold payment to the Truckers, actually conspired to commit theft of their customers money and give it not to the Truckers to whom it was donated, but to charities whom Gofundme chose! So the Truckers then approached a Christian funding site (GiveSendGo) who, although asked by the Canadian Police and ordered by a Canadian judge to withhold payment, refused point blank declaring that they were not bound by Canadian law.

5. Trudeau then froze the bank accounts of the Truckers and arrested them. But there is no basis in Canadian law to do that. So he declared martial law first. Then according to Joe Wilmington of the Toronto Sun

“The Trudeau government had already obscenely used blunt force by deputizing Canada’s banks to freeze the accounts of protesters and threatening to cancel their licenses, insurance and even take away their pets and children,”

So there it is. The globalists believe that they own your money, your pets, your children, your right to work, your security. They do not own any of those things of course. They are thieves.

But the Truckers have shown us who we are dealing with. And all of this over vaccine mandates against Omicron which is no more dangerous that regular flu? Why oh why are they so important to the globalists? Well I keep telling people and they do not believe me.

The way for the globalists to get total control over you is through your genes. If they can successfully genetically modify you, then they own you – and that plainly is what they want.


If they own you then they do own your money, your licenses, your insurance, your pets and your children of course.

And here is where the writer will attempt to introduce the reader to the most powerful weapon in the universe. It is more powerful that any bomb. It is more powerful than any law. And it is more powerful than any pathogen. It is the ultimate vaccination and it is the means by which the globalists will be defeated. You know it well. But you do not know it well enough. None of us do. It is called love. Love of freedom, love of fellowman, love of justice, and love of God/Creator/Nature. It is the invisible unconquerable power of the human heart!

It is a weapon which the globalists have no defence against and do not understand. It does not fit into any of their simulations. It is a currency in which they are almost bankrupt themselves.

The reason that there were money changers in the temple was that one could not buy sacrificial animals with regular money. One had to use the Shekel of the holy place. Only that particular currency was valid in the temple of Herod. This points forward to the new digital social credit score linked smart currency without which one will not be able to buy or sell anything in the temple of the great reset, the greater rebuilt temple of Herod. Build back better.

So there is no need to physically attack or attempt to overthrow these globalists by force (however tempting that may seem). Even that desire (righteous as it may be) is a trap. We learned that from January6 and from Jesus Christ. Just follow the example of the Truckers and those who cared for them.

Peaceful protest and love for those fighting peacefully and standing their ground. Because there is no future in war and no future in control freakery. They are both morally unsustainable which means they will cease. However knowing who they are and what are their goals, we must not cooperate with them in any way, or we become accessories to the modern day slave traders, which is quite ironic given the condemnation these hypocrites heap onto for those who traded or owned slaves 300 years ago.

How to ensure the Truckers Win…

1. General Strike in the 7 Provinces that Still have Vaccine Mandates

2. Exodus: Leave the 7 Provinces with Vaccine Mandates and Stay in the 6 Provinces with No Mandates

3. Do not call off the Exodus or the Strike until all Truckers and all other Political Prisoners are released AND All money is returned to them, all pets are returned to them, all children are returned to them, all insurances are returned to them, all licences are returned to them, the state of emergency and martial law are lifted and all charges against them are dropped.

4. The Canadian Government makes a constitutional ammendment not to use emergency measures or martial law to persecute or punish its own citizens for human rights protests

5. The Canadian Government Passes a law guaranteeing bodily autonomy for every medical intervention now and in the future for every Canadian citizen or resident or tourist or illegal immigrant, natural or genetically modified.

6. Declare the day this agreement is made a Canadian National Holiday – Truckers Day!

7. Every single one of the arrested Truckers is to be given full unfettered and immediate access to any and all data on or related to vaccine safety and/or on or related to vaccine effectiveness including all hospital records all funeral records all life insurance records all government records all intelligence agency records all pharmaceutical company records all care home records from 2019January1 onwards for 25 years by court injunction with penal notice for failing to comply involving fines and imprisonment (lives depend upon the accuracy and immediacy of this data)

You get one shot at this and only one. You must get it completely right first time. Do NOT call for the removal of Trudeau. Do not interfere with politics. Fight for rights not against politicians.