The Truth Shall Set YOU Free!

Dr Robert O. Young speaks out about COVID & other matters

Some comments

This was so very clearly and powerfully communicated. Dr Robert Young's knowledge and wisdom is a great gift to us all.

BLoody brilliant, mates! LOVE YOU ALL!


Thank you so much Dr Young, Sacha and Imani for conveying this precious knowledge

Awesome channel Appreciate 🙏✨Commissioner Dr Robert O YOUNG ♥️💛😎♥️😇💛♥️🕊🍃 Vital Info 1st learned this fm Naturopath Dr Robert Morse

Good stuff. Could listen to him all day. Look forward to hearing him again. Would love to hear how he will handle mandatory vaccines. What if they won't let you have access to your bank account etc. without getting the jab? Thanks

Important, there is NO cure for you unless you want to change your diet :) - straight from the doctors mouth.

Wow, you're never to old to learn something new, in this case very valuable for our health, to use salt instead of sugar and, that salt doesn't get the blood pressure up!

Excellent Intel for immune and health.

You are throwing diamonds to us. Thank you..💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

" You medical people will have more lives to answer for in the other world than even we generals" - Napoleon Bonaparte

WoW Imani, Sacha, Dr. Young thank you so much, that's pretty much how I worked out my own health issues all along by myself, over time I've learnt to be my own doc.You see, Dr. Robert Young is what I would call a real doctor. We need not to fear but to explore, research and study on our own, makes no sense getting indoctrinated in school by the big pharma, but self-study, do your own home work and your own exploring's. There's a healer in all of us, it's about trasforming that fear, lack of care and separation into selflove, selfcare, strengths and courage for the self and for one another as well to become whole again. Wonderful video, infinite thanks to all of you <3 <3 <3

Love this Doc :)

Great post Sacha! And a big thank you to the Dr Robert O Young. I just wish there were more honest doctors around and reps by the way.Best wishes to you all 😉