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The Unvaccinated Were Scapegoated for Failure of COVID Vaccines, Study Finds

The Unvaccinated Were Scapegoated for Failure of COVID Vaccines, Study Finds

A new study published in the Journal of Medical Ethics found that unvaccinated people were unfairly scapegoated during the pandemic.

The authors seem to be shocked by their discovery that much of the lies and misinformation came from the government and media:

“However, what we found to be missing was an address to misinformation and the consequences stemming from overestimating the threat. Consider, for instance, how in 2020, more than 30% of Americans believed that a COVID infection led to a 50% chance of hospitalization; it never did, nor was there ever evidence to suggest it might. Left-leaning individuals tended to over-estimate COVID harms to a greater degree than conservatives.”

The truth, of course, was that the Covid vaccine did not work and did not prevent any transmission, and after a month or two past vaccinations, it made the vaccinated MORE likely to be infected.

However, the impact of the media’s fear-mongering was all-encompassing. 35% of adults believed that half of Covid infections required hospitalization!

The hatred and division were relentless. What is the result of it? Almost everyone had COVID anyway. Fortunately, COVID was not nearly as deadly as it was hyped up to be.

The worst outcome is thousands of broken families, economic devastation among the families of fired unvaccinated workers, and persisting social alienation and division – all created in the name of anti-human “science” driven by profit and careerism.

Watch the full episode of Media Blackout:

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