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🚨🚨AUSTRALIA: RED ALERT!!!🚨🚨 The World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty

Now you know what ole Billy Gates is doing in town👇👇👇

The World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty

Treaty involves forced vaccination, quarantine, lockdowns, digital health certificates… countries that don’t obey will be punished.

The WHO is speedily progressing with amendments to the International Health Regulations, and Australia is fully on board.

This will mean a COMPLETE global takeover by the WHO.

Aussies have collectively done a great job creating a resource for every Australian to take action.

👉Step 1: Watch this video

👉Step 2: Visit (from a computer is easier but mobile also works) and follow the steps outlined in the video

👉Step 3: Share this everywhere including reposts to social media with hashtag #STOPTHEWHO

This truly is the greatest threat of our time. Digital Soldiers, we NEED to make this VIRAL!!!

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