There are two sides to every story

There are two sides to every story. But can that be said as regards the current global crisis? I'm sure you're aware of your government’s position, and the news that regularly appears in the mainstream media, but are you also aware that there are millions of people throughout the world that hold a different view, including many eminent doctors and scientists? Those views tend to be censored on mainstream media and the main social media channels.

The aim of this webpage is to redress that imbalance – to put forward the other side of the story – with a selection of videos and links that may, hopefully, draw your attention to the fact that there is an alternative view of the current crisis.

You may find a few of these videos quite shocking - the other side of the story is not pretty, and it certainly isn't a safe space. But it exists, and you should be aware of it. Some of the videos are quite long, but I urge you to watch them. Consider this: If the alternative view is even half true, humanity could indeed be standing on the edge of the abyss. I don't say that to frighten you - that's the mainstream media's job, not mine - but to inform you. If that is the case, a few hours over a couple of days watching these videos may be time well spent.

Thank you for visiting this webpage. If you find the contents informative, please consider sharing it with like-minded friends and relatives. In the meantime, as they say these days, stay safe.