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There is no such thing as an mRNA vaccine. Stop calling it that.

Millions of innocent adults and children were subject to perverse and cruel experiments and murdered during the WWII Holocaust because local government officials and public servants throughout European communities were willing to assist in the killing of their fellow citizens, while simultaneously defending their heinous actions and the tyrants they obeyed.

The other community members who believed that they were safe from the tyrants’ cruelty were too afraid or apathetic to speak out against their government and community leaders.

Sound familiar?

By Karen Kingston

The most evil crime in our nation’s history is being committed right now, on our watch. American adults and innocent children are being injured, disabled and killed by being psychologically manipulated and coerced into participating in a heinous global experiment of being injected with mRNA technology bioweapons under the guise of “Covid-19 vaccines.”

There’s no such thing as an mRNA vaccine. Stop calling it that. mRNA is and always has been part of the category of gene-editing technologies. Gene-editing technologies are used to invent new species – from viruses, to plants, to hybrid parasites and animals – create autoimmune diseases, cause cancers, and to develop military-grade bioweapons.

mRNA gene-editing technologies have been researched and developed for over 40 years, drove companies into bankruptcy many times, and have never been FDA-approved for anything before Covid-19 because they have no useful benefits to human health, and can only cause harm, injury and death.

Per 18 USC 175, mRNA technologies are the literal, verbatim definition of a biological weapon:

A biological weapon is any biological agent (mRNA), toxin (WIV spike S-2P), or delivery system (device/LNP/vaccine) that is not reasonably justified by a prophylactic or protective purpose; bona fide research,or other peaceful purposes.

mRNA technology is gene-editing technology. It can be used for purposes of inducing genetic mutations. According to the NIH, the cause of sudden unexplained death in children can be explained by genetic mutations. Specifically, “the researchers focused on 137 genes associated with heart or seizure disorders, both of which can trigger sudden death.”

Genetics of sudden unexplained death in children, National Institutes of Health, 11 January 2022

Our government healthcare officials and industry leaders in mRNA technology are not surprised that children and young adults are suffering from massive heart inflammation, seizures, and sudden death. These are profoundly horrifying, but well-known effects of mRNA technology. This is why mRNA technology has never been FDA approved for human use in its over 40 years of history.

Call the mRNA injections bioweapons or weapons of mass destructions (“WMDs”), but stop calling them vaccines. The mRNA injections don’t prevent disease and they never did. The Covid-19 injections were designed to cause disease, disabilities and death; and Pfizer, Moderna, J&J, HHS, the FDA, CDC, the NIH and all of our government officials and government healthcare experts know it.

Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee 22 October 2020 Meeting Presentation, US Food and Drug Administration, pg. 17

[Note: To preserve it in the event it disappears from public view, we have downloaded a copy of the presentation which includes the image above and attached it below.]

VRBPAC-10.22.20-Meeting-Presentation-COVID19-CBER-Monitoring-Vaccine Download

Innocent children are dying, pregnant women are having their babies murdered in their wombs, professional athletes are suffering heart attacks on the field, commercial airline pilots are becoming incapacitated during flight and then dying, young adults are becoming disabled or dying suddenly all across America. The injuries, diseases, and deaths caused by the mRNA injections are not side effects. They are intended consequences of an advanced technology bioweapon.

When will trusted experts articulate and document how the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines do not meet the definition of a vaccine and clearly state that they are weapons of biowarfare?

By calling mRNA Injections “Covid-19 vaccines” instead of bioweapons we’re protecting criminals. In order to hold criminals to account, it is critical that we and our trusted experts are able to clearly articulate and document how the Covid-19 mRNA injections do not meet the definition of a vaccine and that they are weapons of biowarfare.

Intended Consequences is a great place to begin.

About the Author

Karen Kingston is a biotechnology analyst with over 20 years of experience. She’s a contributor to discussion forums and news media with US and global doctors, scientists, and attorneys on the biological effects of the Covid-19 gene editing injections. She regularly writes articles and publishes them on Substack HERE.

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