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There is ‘rank dishonesty’ about Hydroxychloroquine: Alan Jones

Sky News host Alan Jones says there is “rank dishonesty” about Hydroxychloroquine, a medicine which Australians are being denied access to despite it being a recommended lifesaving treatment for COVID-19.

“You have to ask whether there is an agenda here,” Mr Jones said.

Mr Jones pointed out the medical treatment had been recommended as a lifesaving treatment in a peer-reviewed paper published in The American Journal of Medicine, authored by 24 doctors including five PhD’s.

“Australians are being denied access to a medicine and denied access to a medical treatment which is recommended as a lifesaving treatment,” Mr Jones said.

Mr Jones spoke with Liberal MP Craig Kelly, who has been pushing for the medicine in parliament.

“This is not whether I think this drug is useful or not, it’s what the peer-reviewed science says,” Mr Kelly said.

“You’ve got medical experts from all around the world running studies and trials that show unambiguously that the effects of Hydroxychloroquine – when taken early and with zinc – reduces deaths by up to 63 per cent.

“We’ve got a medical treatment being denied to Australians and yet that medical treatment is published in peer-reviewed literature.

“I’m going to keep up the pressure.”

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