There's a lot in it to pick apart in the Johns Hopkins ""fact sheet""

There's a lot in it to pick apart in the Johns Hopkins ""fact sheet""

Firstly, their claim that:

"cross-protective antiviral immunity among adults who received childhood smallpox vaccination may lead to mild or no recognizable disease symptoms.10 Therefore, asymptomatic monkeypox infection and undetected circulation can occur."

So just as with the covid fiction, they will push antisocial solitary confinement imprisonment on whomever they please, claiming that they could be an asymptomatic spreader!

( I recall there was a large study in China debunking asymptomatic spread but would need to look for that one )

Also, they say that:

"Diagnosis often is made presumptively based on clinical presentation and disease progression. The preferred laboratory test is polymerase chain reaction (PCR) detection of viral DNA, with the best specimens being skin, fluid, or crusts collected directly from skin lesions, or biopsy when possible. "

And as we know already, PCR is not a valid diagnostic device. And as has been pointed out by others, the listed symptoms of this pox is the same as many other conditions.

So the margin for false diagnosis is immense.


"Monkeypox is considered a zoonotic disease with transmission primarily occurring from animals, such as rodents and primates, to humans"


How did they come to this conclusion?

Why could the possibility not be that both those non-human animals and humans are all exposed to the same environmental factors?

They claim:

"Transmission of the virus can occur through contact with bodily fluids, wounds on the skin or internal mucosal surfaces, respiratory droplets, or contaminated objects."

Well, wounds and mucosal surfaces would certainly be prime vulnerabilities for any toxin to get into the body and bloodstream, wouldn't they?

Here they give a clue:

"In recent years, monkeypox has been reevaluated as an emerging public health threat as the frequency and geographic distribution of cases has increased, particularly in West Africa, where contact between susceptible populations and infected animals has increased due to factors such as deforestation and insecurity"



A lot of it is not just cut down, it is burnt flat, so not one plant or creature is left, ready for monoculture farming.

So, what are they using to start the fires, and what are they treating the land with to prevent regrowth of the native vegetation?

What poisons are they introducing into the environment?

And "insecurity".

Are they talking about food insecurity? homelessness?

Wouldn't such stressors further weaken an individuals ability to cope with toxicity?

And what about the continued stress over the past two years of government abuses, of people losing their businesses and homes due to lockdowns and the physical damage done by the insane measures imposed thus far?