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They create It, then they alarm us about it and get public support for what they will implement...

Hegelian Problem Reaction Solution

Step 1: The duplicitous bastards in question either take advantage of a pre-existing problem by making it more atrocious (or even worse, they create an artificial problem out of whole cloth).

Step 2: They then present to the public (through their corporate media) the version of the problem they want so as to elicit a particular reaction from the population (“What are they going to do about it?!)

Step 3: The Establishment offers the pre-packaged “solution,” which was something they wanted to do anyway, even before the “problem” had become manifested!

The whole point of Problem-Reaction-Solution (or, PRS) is to fundamentally alter society with a minimum of popular opposition, weakening any form of resistance automatically from the beginning, in very much the same way the Left-Right Paradigm does.

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