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"They Nuked Our Town"

"I’ve yet to hear anyone point out the clear mind control op in ‘East Palestine’ Ohio. The town name ain’t a mistake.

This ends in the sick game we are having to live through with a nuke threat centred around Israel.

Palestine is the great injustice of our lives that the world blindly turned their backs on for 80 years.

The Ukrainian story they are playing out as the counter is that Ukraine was being used to funnel money to Iran to make a nuke to bomb israel. (Again this is only the disclosure side of the story that will come out but only their story). This will expose the Iran nuclear deal with Clinton and Obama and tie everything back.

The dark and light sides are both working off the same universal blueprint of Phoenix rising. Bring world to its knees to create the new.

But this is clear foreshadowing from where I’m looking. Not fear porn just reading the blueprint. Will it be a real threat, I don’t think so. But energy of facing that fear and the change that comes is real."

Dale Holmes

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