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This Is CRAZY, The US Government Is Getting Paid To Break Up Families. In Texas The State Gets $50k Per Child

This Is CRAZY, The US Government Is Getting Paid To Break Up Families. In Texas The State Gets $50k Per Child

“There are massive federal programs that were instituted in the late 1970s that pay states trillions of dollars to tear families apart.”

“Like in Texas, we get 66 cents on the dollar put into the Texas treasury for every dollar of child support that's paid. K. So the state is now highly incentivized to issue the maximum amount of child support. Almost all divorces got 5050 prior to the the 19 eighties, and there was the skyrocketing of divorces where 1 parent loses custody, and that was to maximize title four d reimbursements to the states.

The state is profiting off of child support? Correct.

And in most states, the judicial retirement fund is funded from this money. So the more child support that's issued from the family courts, the larger the judicial retirement. It's and it's a massive program. It's the size of the largest defense programs. So the incentives are absolutely huge.

Even married people to get them to break up and then have to pay each other child support.

Absolutely. Yeah. So because you would think the best child court would just be 5050 custody and let people raise their kids. The best child support is to raise your own kid. That's the best child support.

But they don't do that. Most states actually have laws prohibiting the from doing that. Texas has, uh, uh, has a family code in which it's assumed to be in the child's best interest that 1 parent get 24% of the time. And the reason 24% was chosen precisely is it maximizes title four d reimbursement to the state at 24%. So there are there are fathers out there with 49% of the time that are paying maximum child support.

I have a friend of mine. Him and his wife came to an agreement to do 5050 parenting, no child support, because he watches the kids a lot while she travels for her work. And so it's all it all worked out, and they decided it's just better to do it this way. The state of Texas sent an attorney to argue in the case that they should not be allowed to do 5050 custody.

I read a story about, uh, some celebrity guy who had to pay massive child support, And then he and the wife both went to the court together as friends and said, hey. He's no longer working and doesn't have this money anymore, so we we both agree it should be lower, and the court said no. They won't do it. Because they get they get a cut of size.

Huge kickback. Yeah. Title 4 e pays the states to adopt out orphans. A child whenever CPS takes child from from someone and then adopts them into a good family. They get title 4 e reimbursement funds, and it's a lot of money.

It's like 50 k per child.

The state gets that money?

Yes. It goes into the State’s budget”


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