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This is the recently (se)elected Prime Minister of Australia...

This shameless moronic minion and clown owned by the Cabal wants you to believe that their planned future for you is good for you.

"Solar panels on your roof charging your vehicle for free overnight".

Last time I checked, the sun goes to sleep at night just like the rest of us.

So, the incessant spraying of aerosols during the day to shield us from the "damaging" sun, amongst other things, would seem to be contraindicated for solar energy production, wouldn't you say?

Good luck then with charging your expensive electric vehicle!

Can you see the picture here?

Herd the masses into electric vehicles through fear of prohibitvely high fuel prices and manipulated shortages, then pull the plug on them so they can't drive very far whilst the cost of electricity shoots through the roof and they implement restrictions on electricity use!

Can you also see the connection with the Climate Change scam (aka Global Warming)?


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