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This now begins to make some disturbing sense!

How about this then?

We know that exposure to 5G waves and radiation leads to the corona effect and "flu-like symptoms" - headaches, dizziness, nausea, fever, respiratory problems etc.

We know that 5G has been rolled out in great haste, secrecy and determination regardless of opposition.

We know that any public discussions about the link between 5G and Covid is forbidden and strictly censored.

We know that Wuhan, Lombardy, NY and pockets of Tehran were hot beds of 5G activation that apparently resulted in significant mortality from the so called Covid-19, early in the plandemic.

We know that the goal is to frighten populations into getting as many as possible to take the jab.

We know that governments are spending billions on marketing and inducements to take the jab, even when nobody is dying from any virus, let alone the flu which no longer exists.

We know that scientists have reportedly developed a GMO protein known as “Magneto” that allows behaviors and brain function to be remotely controlled externally and designed to activate a specific group of nerve cells within the body, and this activation can be done from a distance.

We know that the "cure" contains metal toxins, nanobots, GMO mRNA and other poisons that likely disrupt the human electromagnetic field and enhance the altered DNA receptivity to transmission.

We know that the ultimate aim is to rid the planet of "useless eaters" and to control the ones left through a process of trans-humanism.

So then,

Why then would they be manufacturing cell phones without 5G chips, and marketing and pricing them as 5G?

Why would they continue to roll out 5G technology, plan for 6G and more, if no phones actually contain the chips to be able to use it?

Do you think that the 5G technology for cellphones might just not be for cell phones at all?

What if I told you that 5G is being rolled out as the control mechanism for the those who have enhanced receptivity.

...even if someone actually finds a 5G chip inside a phone.

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