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To Test or NOT To Test? To Vaccinate or NOT To Vaccinate?

Dr Robert O Young

Genetic and/or antibody testing is completely unreliable due to the fact that the epgenetics (outside the genetics) or the interstitial fluids of the Interstitium that surrounds every cell in the human body is controlling the biological expression of all cellular genetics. 

When you focus on the genetics and not the interstitial fluid environment of the genetics you end up with a fake paradigm, called the germ theory and a meaningless positive or negative HIV/SARS/EBOLA/ZIKA/COVid-19 diagnosis. 

In other words, gene's do NOT control the genesis of health or disease or a human destiny - YOU do with what you eat, what you drink, what you breathe, what you think, what you feel and what you believe. This is what determines the health or sickness of the interstitial fluid environment which controls a human destiny and how genetics is expressed or not expressed.

The viral or germ theory assumes the existence of a virus and that a specific virus can penetrate the cell membrane and infect the cell causing a specific disease with specific symptomologies. The infectious disease theory has NEVER been proven using the scientific method let alone the existence of the virus, from Polio to HIV to SARS to Ebola to Zika to COVID-19. It is ALL fake science! Using a vaccine to push toxic biologicals and poisonous chemicals into the vascular system will immediately be eliminated into the compartments of the interstitial fluids of the Interstitium to be eliminated via the lymphatic system. If not eliminated these toxic biological genetic fragments from animal and human sources and chemical poisons will be deposited and stored in the connective and fatty tissues. 

Sick people and especially sick and old people will always be negatively effected by the influenza and any new COVID-19 vaccines. A chemical or biological poison injected into the intravascular fluids will cause an immediate immune activation, pathological blood coagulation, oxygen deprivation and systemic poisoning or sepsis (50 million people a year Worldwide) and finally death.


Many, if not ALL COVID-19 research and test results are inconsistent when theoretically a first test will reflect a so-called infection as a positive antibody test, and then with a second follow-up test reverse to a negative antibody test. Often, when ‘impossible’ test results occur, testing authorities become confused and frustrated trying to explain the efficacy of the antibody/genetic testing without first questioning the accuracy or validity of the RT-PCR RNA testing for COVID-19 or question the entire fake infectious disease viral paradigm.[1-95]

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