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Top 5 foods and “medicines” that make you DUMB ENOUGH to believe America’s fake news

IQ stands for intelligence quotient and is a measure of a person's cognitive skills, such as basic reasoning, logic and problem solving. Though IQ is something you're largely born with, it can lower over time, especially if the brain is hindered or damaged by contaminants. According to research, having an IQ slightly above or below a score of 100 is "normal" or average, but an IQ below 80 is considered borderline defective, and any score below 70 is categorized as mentally defective. How low does someone's IQ need to be for them to believe in fake news, such as claims that genetically modified foods are healthy, mRNA jabs save you from Covid-19 and tap water is purified for drinking safety?

From bad TV commercials for medicine to horrible excuses for America's problems, fake news only "works" if you are dumbed-down by toxins

The irony of fake news is that it even "works" on doctors, lawyers, military members and other well-trained professionals because they too are "dumbed-down" by the boatload of brain-numbing toxins found in common food, medicine, vaccines, personal care products and home cleaning goods. Any natural health advocate, who veers clear of GMOs, vaccines, prescription drugs and toxic care products realizes, even after just a few seconds, that nearly every product advertised on television is toxic for the brain and body. Just listen to the side effects of the prescription drugs and you know. Just read the ingredients on the back of those corporate products and you know. Just read the ingredients panel of a vaccine insert and you know. It's crazy all the brain-destroying chemicals, synthetics, toxins and their "side effects" that you find.

When you drink fluoridated tap water daily, in your coffee, tea and ice cubes, you are essentially self-medicating with a known neurotoxin and pesticide agent that lowers your IQ. This helps "enable" your brain to accept completely illogical and irrational "news" as real, including believing some "FDA approval" means medications are safe, or "CDC recommended as safe and effective" means a gene-mutating mRNA vaccine has more benefits than risks. This is how America is bought and sold. They are dumbed-down.

When you eat fruits and vegetables daily that are not locally grown, green-house grown or organically grown, you are most likely consuming chemical pesticides, insecticides and herbicides that disrupt the CNS, cause memory loss, lead to chronic brain fog and even cancer. This common daily routine helps the U.S. government, Big Pharma, Big Food and Big Media control the minds of Americans, by continually selling them MORE toxic food and medicine using brainwashing commercial advertisements. Got milk? Beef… It's what's for dinner. Canola oil … it's "heart healthy." Get it now?

Top 5 foods and "medicines" that make you dumb enough and locked in a brain fog so you believe that America's fake news is real

Yes, vaccines are considered "medicine" in America. Did you know there is still mercury in more than one vaccine, even though the CDC once promised to take it out? Watch out for those multi-dose flu shots, where the manufacturers list mercury as "thimerosal," which is still 50 percent mercury (they had to run cover with a new name once the masses heard about the dangers of mercury, even in the most miniscule amount).

Also beware of the DT, Td and Tetanus Toxoid vaccines, as they most likely contain mercury, unless you request the ones where they removed it (called preservative free). Mercury, with the help of aluminum (often also in the vaccines), crosses the blood-brain barrier and can cause permanent brain damage. This is massively downplayed by the vaccine industrial complex, as they try to explain away the difference between methyl mercury and ethyl mercury. Remember, mercury is one of the most toxic ingredients on planet earth, and NO amount is safe for injection.

So here are the top 5 foods and "medicines" that make you dumb enough, and keep you locked in your brain fog, so you believe America's fake news:

#1. Canola oil - a.k.a. rapeseed oil (Studies reveal canola oil lowers IQ in animals, causes rapid weight gain, memory loss, dementia and cancer.)

#4. Pesticide-laden GMO corn, soy, wheat and sugar (Frankenfoods)

#5. Almost every kind of prescription drug for depression or anxiety

Tune your internet dial to for more tips on how to use natural remedies for preventative medicine and for healing, so you might snap out of your mental "fog" that has you believing in fake news, climate change, GMOs and mRNA toxic jabs.


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